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Deloitte bonus

#1 Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 16:29


Getting mixed messages about the existence of a Deloitte bonus !!!

Can some pls confirm the min/max bonus a top end manager can expect to get in FY 08, and the performance rating they would have to achieve to it.

Prefer hearing from those with first hand experience.

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#2 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 16:55

Toilette to ASE (#1)

Top end of manager bonus is likely to be c.10% based on last year's bonuses. If you are at the top end of the basic pay scale then the percentage moves a bit and not in a good way. That bonus is for the top grade SEE which is meant for the top 10-15% of people. It then drops down to a bit over half that for EE and for around half the remaining people it will be around 3% or nothing. Before I joined I ignored these boards and have found them to be pretty accurate and bonuses are not good as many people say

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#3 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 17:12

ASE to Toilette (#2)

Thanks for the reply. I factored 5% into my not far off.

Just a follow up q what is an SEE or EE ?

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#4 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 19:37

Deloitter to ASE (#3)

UA = Under Achieving = E

MSE = Meets Some Expectations = D

ME = Meets Expectations = C

EE= Exceeeding Expectations = B

SEE Substantially Exceeds Expectations = A

To get an A you must kiss ass. You will often find a few young up and coming women get an A grade. Wonder why?

To get a B you just need a Senior Manager or above to sponsor you. Usually this requires more than just doing a good job. You need to deliver something extra - usually as well your 9-5 client role e.g. Vendor Relationship, Recruitment, Sales, Technical leadership

C, you can get this with your eyes closed. The quality of some of the experienced hires is quite poor especially the scallys with the Northern accents.

D, get this and you will be close to the door.

UA, get this and you will be on the wrong side of the door and your P45 will be in the post!

Hope this helps

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#5 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 19:40

northern monkey to Deloitter (#4)

"scallys with the Northern accents."

Actually gob smacked at that comment.

People talk about racism in the work place, but how is this any worse.

Seriously I hope you rot in hell.

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#6 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 19:58

Deloitter to deleted (#0)

Just a private joke - I had a northerner sat next to me as I was typing. Deloitte is as diverse as any organisation. Lol.. Sorry really did not mean to touch a nerve.

P.S. I won't do it again!!

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#7 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 20:29

forgiving Northern Monkey to Deloitter (#6)

Will let you off then :-)

Anyway, we have to put up with supporting crap football teams so you should have more respect ;-)

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#8 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 22:29

consult1 to forgiving Northern Monkey (#7)

I always thought deloitte consulting was a fairly prestigious company to work for, and as such took on bright, well to do types. Ive been very surprised recently, as 3 of my friends managed to land C/SC positions there, and to be honest, they are not the brightest or best. Is this becuase DC are desperate for people, or a more endemic issue with staff quality? The reason i ask this is because 1 of them is ryte propa norvurrn.

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#9 RE: Deloitte bonus
16/08/2007 22:50

Deloitter to consult1 (#8)

Please provide the northerner's initials, I may just know him. Is he based out of London or the regions?

Deloitte are struggling a bit for quality but that is not a northern thing per se. Deloitte need certain skills and hire in experienced hires with these skills (e.g. Java) but the experienced hire is just a Java techie with no real concept of Management Consulting and so therefore while he may have the technical skills, he won't fulfill his job title as a Management Consultant!

P.S. Glad I am forgiven by the forgiving northerner... You have friendlier people and booze is dead cheap!

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#10 RE: Deloitte bonus
17/08/2007 01:07


"The reason i ask this is because 1 of them is ryte propa norvurrn."

Seriously your need to get over your stereotypes.

Just cos we are northern and realise that family and work/life balance are more important than money, we live in the countryside and not in a 1/2 million pound1 bedroom flat, it doesnt mean you have to take p1ss out of us.

Anyway, if you can stereotype 15 millions northenerns.

The i hate black people cos they cant swim.

Polish people cos they can only drive taxis.

Southerns cos they have no life and only bother about money.

Americans cos they are fat.

Asians cos they are retards.

Muslims cos they are terrorists.

Would you like anymore?

Seriously though people, im about to start in a top tier firm and youre are making me think that i have no chance if they all think that northerns are thick!!!!!!!

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#11 RE: Deloitte bonus
17/08/2007 01:22


But the majority of you are thick.

Aparently not you sunshine. Well done, have a pint at t'bar then go home, beat your wife and rape your nephew and neice.

Good job!

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