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Moving into Management Consultancy from Science

#1 Moving into Management Consultancy from Science
08/05/2003 00:00



I've always been interested in moving into management consultancy, in particular Strategy Consulting. I know this is a very difficult area to move into, particularly for a non-business graduate.

I am a Chemistry graduate, with 3 years post grad experience in pharmaceutical research.

What sort of retraining would be necessary? (Ie Should I be looking towards business related courses? I have considered doing an MBA, but it would be self funded.)

Would I have to go in as a new graduate? (It wouldn't bother me!)

Is IT Consultancy the only way forward for someone with my background?

Am I too old? (25)

I don't want to waste my time applying for jobs I have no chance of, so any input would be gratefully received!

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#2 Re: Moving into Management Consultancy from Science
14/05/2003 00:00

Shar the Bear

I am a Director of Human Resources for a niche strategy consulting firm (pharma/biotechnology) that specifically recruits for candidates with strong technical (life science related) and business skill sets. The only opportunity I see is for you to start at an entry level Analyst position. We rarely hire folks that only have a science background. If we do it is at the Ph.D. level only. For strategy consulting you must have the business concepts behind you. We generally require an MBA and solid work experience in industry. Where we are located, IT consulting is dead. You are still young, so starting at the bottom up is not the end of the world. In fact I would rather hire someone with more maturity and a stronger science background for my Analyst positons rather than a recent undergrad. Another option is changing positions in your current organization. Do they have anything entry level in Marketing or Business Development or Strat Planning? Perhaps they would be more willing to take a chance on someone they know. It is a huge committment in part of the firm to train a novice, however the payback can be rewarded with a mature and committed individual! Good Luck!

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#3 Re: Moving into Management Consultancy from Science
18/05/2003 00:00


I’m doing my PhD in solid-state chemistry and want to start my carrier in management consultancy. Which Co’s are best suitable for me to start with, considering my background in solid-state chemistry and what position most likely I get initially?

Is a background in pharma/biotech a must to get thru in pharma/biotech consultancy firm or there is a possibility for other science streams students like me?

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#4 Re: Moving into Management Consultancy from Science
15/06/2003 00:00

maissa al kahafajy

Could you read my message posted on the forum message board as 'career guidance' and see what your takes are for someone with my experience and academic credentials going into management consultancy? I could really use the advice

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