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Banking or consultancy?

#1 Banking or consultancy?
16/07/2007 01:25


i know there has been a lot of money related threads in the past, and my intention is not the same, but i would like some opinions on two particular roles i have been offered

RBS in credit risk. salary is 40k (which as a grad sounds very high indeed, but its not on a grad scheme, which worries me slightly). The job will be technically challenging, but i dont feel will be as diversified as a consultancy role.

The consultancy role is in Financial Services.

salary is lower at 30k, but it is a grad scheme, so there are others in the same boat as me, and with that there is a more defined career route.

I do have a few questions i'd like to ask you though:

1) How specialised to roles in FS consultancy get?

2) The initial salary from RBS is very tempting, but im curious to how my salary would progress in FS consultancy? How many years would i have to wait to earn more than 40k? Would the consultancy role ever pay more then the banking role?

3) Both roles are based in london, but in the future i would like to work in the states for awhile. How difficult would this be in consulting? (are the roles quite different across the water?)

I know this post is quite long, but i do appreciate any advice.

Thank you

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#2 RE: Banking or consultancy?
16/07/2007 01:41

The Senior Vice President to grad (#1)

Depends if the hours are the same in both companies. If so, i'd go with the bank because, truth be known, both jobs will be pretty boring and involve long hours but at least you'll get paid better with the first one. If however the consultancy hours are significantly shorter, I'd go for the consulting role.

Basically if you want to get rich then go into banking. If you enjoy solving problems, go for consultancy. Despite what a lot of graduates think, you'll never get rich in consulting unless you make it to senior levels and manage to stay there for some time, and even then it's nothing compared to what a banker at an equivalent level would make.

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#3 RE: Banking or consultancy?
16/07/2007 10:03

TC to grad (#1)

I know a couple of guys who work in credit risk at RBS, they joined at a similar level to yourself. They work very reasonable hours, are well paid, enjoy their jobs, and there is a clear career path.

I'd go with RBS, it's a great opportunity over MC- which you can always pursue down the path if still interested. You'll find it much harder trying to move from MC -> Banking further down the line.

Best of luck

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#4 RE: Banking or consultancy?
17/07/2007 15:00

grad to TC (#3)

Thank you guys for your input...

the bank are going to get back to me about numbers.

how do you tell a consultancy that you now want to decline their contract (that you've signed)

ive kept the signing on bonus, so i can return it!

I think they'll understand, but i kinda hate this part!

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#5 RE: Banking or consultancy?
17/07/2007 15:15

Bothered to grad (#4)

40k as a starter for 10 sounds pretty good. Credit Risk tho'? Dull as dishwater!

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#6 RE: Banking or consultancy?
18/07/2007 08:52

Anon to grad (#1)

Definitely go into credit risk. Credit risk skills are in huge demand and will remain so as long the DCM markets remain stable. FS consulting at MC, to be frank, is all about IT projects (I am assuming your offer is not with a Tier 1 strategy house).

Credit risk skills can take you into a variety of career roles (and money)- PE, LBO business/M&A- equips you with solid financial and commercial due diligence skills. MC equips you with drawing out pretty power points with nice colours!!No real skills!!

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