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Move to Consulting in mid 30s

#1 Move to Consulting in mid 30s
07/07/2007 14:43



I would like to get experience, views from folks who might have made move to consulting from industry in mid 30s at manager / sr manager levels. OR from folks who have been in consulting but see these guys who made move from industry. Basically,

(1) I have heard a lot about industry hire washout rate being too high. How is your experience?

(2) What difference did you see in industry vis-a-vis consulting? How would you advise to handle these differences?

(3) In retrospect would you say -- donot make a move to consulting unless one is ready to (what)?

(4) Did your age play (positive or negative) any role in getting adjusted in the group. Assuming that ones who come straight to consulting would be manager / sr manager / may be partners by that age!

(5) Is coonsulting a much more riskier option? Did you ever think about getting back to industry, if so did you find less options or more options?

Thanks a ton !!!

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#2 RE: Move to Consulting in mid 30s
07/07/2007 17:43

Me to Testing_Waters (#1)

Infact I am also into similar situation. us out with your thoughts on the questions raised by Testing_Waters in previous post!!!

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#3 RE: Move to Consulting in mid 30s
08/07/2007 18:44

QW to Me (#2)

hmm...interesting dilemma...i'll also be interested in replies to your questions posted by you. any one to help us out?

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#4 RE: Move to Consulting in mid 30s
10/07/2007 16:32

Bletherer to Testing_Waters (#1)

Made the move in my early 40s and only wished I'd done it a lot earlier. Naturally a lot depends on what you do, industry, consulting firm you go for etc but from a personal perspective the job is interesting and varied, the learning curve steep but satisfying

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#5 RE: Move to Consulting in mid 30s
10/07/2007 16:38

OAP to Testing_Waters (#1)

Some big questions in here methinks...

I did what you are proposing. i.e. moved into consulting from mfg/eng in my mid 30's so I'll try to give you the benefit of my experience to date.

First of all, I have never regretted the move away from industry which was somewhat forced on me by a lack of future career options but to answer your points:

1) Most if not all people from industry realise very quickly that once they have made the move they will either like it or leave it. Be clear in your mind why you are doing this because you are about to step onto a steep learning curve which is often unsettling to people who are used to well organised, well regulated industry life. If you can make that switch then you'll be fine and most I have met do indeed survive and prosper.

2) The key difference is the need for you to be self motivated. I find it easier to think of myself as self employed and look for validation rather than permission. I am not advocating anarchy just an accpetance that you have to get on with it and find a way to succeed.

3) Travel, be self managed, be prepared to contribute your weight, learn a lot of new stuff and attitudes quickly.

4) Bit of both, many consultants are quite young in my experience and look to people with more experience to steady the ship. Having said that they are almost always talented and pretty ambitious themselves. I have found clients tend to react better to more mature consultants having said that I have also seen some excellent work done by my younger peers. I don't belive that chronological age is the key, I would suggest you need to understand that many people will have better skills than you for a while as they are more experienced.

5) Not really, how much job security have you really got right now??

Good luck and make sure you join a good organisation, that may be more than half the battle. Do recognise that it can be done but you are starting on a learning curve.

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