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Is my salary too low?

#1 Is my salary too low?
06/07/2007 11:12


I've been a consultant for about a year officially and previously I was on a grad programme for 2 years (I work for quite a large services firm). My basic salary is £29k. Is this too low? personally I think this is really low & know that the pay bands in my company are 31k min for a consultant at my grade. What do other people think? How does this compare to other peoples salaries?

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#2 RE: Is my salary too low?
06/07/2007 11:17

snarf to LJ (#1)


If it's not enough challenge internally, don't ask people who don't know you, your ability or your firm whether it's enough. If you want unconditional support go ask your mum!

Seriously, I know it seems harsh but consider the value of your question. We have absolutely no marker as to whether the band should be starting at £31k or not so how do you expect the answers to have any quality whatsoever?

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#3 RE: Is my salary too low?
06/07/2007 11:31

Claire to snarf (#2)

Oh snarf, that's not very nice!

LJ has asked for a bit of help from the experienced and wise people who frequent this site, what have they done to deserve your rather nasty reply!!! Let's be nice on this forum and try to help our fellow human beings!!

As George Elliot famously wrote, "Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles."

Cheer up LJ!!! You will get there!!!!

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#4 RE: Is my salary too low?
06/07/2007 17:07

Big Consultant to Claire (#3)

Snarf, so you don't think it is a good idea to benchmark his wage with his peers in the industry? He should just go to his employers and just claim he deserves a certain figure without careful research. Gaddamn you are one smart cookie!

LJ, I think a fair average for your years of experience (circa 2 years) is between 31-35.

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#5 RE: Is my salary too low?
09/07/2007 12:14

snarf to Big Consultant (#4)

Since when has consulting been a unionised industry?

The poster has no right to demand equal pay to his colleagues as we all work in a performance environment. If he/she is good enough then he/she should leverage that fact and request an individual pay review as part of the performance management process.

So what if the band is £31 - £35k, there is no reason why his/her employers would pay him/her more just because he/she has found this out.

Read a little deeper children, analyse the facts presented and the situation before you offer your bland advice.

And as for Claire, what was your point - you offer no input on this thread beyond a cheery smile. Why bother?

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#6 RE: Is my salary too low?
09/07/2007 13:01

Mars A Day to LJ (#1)

LJ I would suggest you are a little of the pace with regards to your current salary, although there may be internal reasons for this - did you get a rough ride in your most recent evaluation? Is your firm performing behind the market at the moment? If you KNOW you are underpaid do somthing about it - look for an increase where you are, or look elsewhere.

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#7 RE: Is my salary too low?
09/07/2007 14:24

Mike to LJ (#1)

Hi LJ,

I take on board what others have said; it is not always helpful to compare yourself to others working for different firms, on different projects and with different experiences ...BUT I do understand why people want to (admittedly I like to myself all the time.)

Including my peers and other Consultants I know (2-4 years experience) having been recruited on established grad programmes, our range is from £33-40k.

-I know a few who earn significantly more than this and they managed to secure such a rise by moving to a new firm after they had got a few years behind them.

If, at your company, you know for certain the pay band for someone with your experience is at the £31k mark then I guess you are being underpaid by this company's own standards.

If you can honestly see no reason why your peers are earning more than you then I guess it's time for you to think about moving on.

I am sure, with 3 years good experience you can achieve a higher salalry elsewhere.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!


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#8 RE: Is my salary too low?
10/07/2007 16:24

Bothered to Mike (#7)

LJ, have a drink with your coach and mention that you've had a call from a recruitment consultant and are going for a chat. If you like where you are and they value you I think rather swifty they'll have you in for a chat. They're naturally ask why you might want to move and you simply say because you think they're having a bit of a laugh regards your salary..... Failing that approach approach a recruitment agency

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