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Question to Tony Restell

#1 Question to Tony Restell
17/04/2003 00:00

Margaret Taylor

Tony, there was a forum answer/question by Juan & You "Recruitment Agencies" which I found very interesting.

Tony, you did not reply to Juan's request, as follows;

Can you publish evidence "statistical" and backed up from a variety of sources other than from your Top consultant subscribers, "a large proportion of all recruitment is still being done through recruitment firms". "large" is what in terms of population? ..and the success rate of applicants?

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#2 Re: Question to Tony Restell
19/04/2003 00:00

aly mohasseb

i've sent my c.v. to you, you replied to with quistion about my think of reuers consultant on my c.v., so please inform me with your specific job in the large construction projects, if justdesigen,or implementing supervision,or execution or...etc.

please, reply to me to know what can I present to reuters consultant

I'm waiting yor kind reply


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#3 Answer
22/04/2003 00:00

Tony Restell

Margaret - thanks, this one had slipped me by!<br><br>

I do not have any statistics to back up my points - the recruitment industry is a large and exceedingly fragmented industry so I would be surprised if any reliable stats existed. However, if you look at the major UK consultancy recruitment firms - they are hiring again, because they have too many consulting assignments for their existing teams to handle. In other words they have more and more recruitment assignments from management consultancy firms. This in itself is pretty strong evidence of what is happening in the sector...<br><br>

In case anyone needs any further persuading, would you bet that the big consulting firms are NOT trying to hire more public sector consultants and outsourcing consultants right now? Of course they are - they can't hire these people fast enough to meet client demand. But how many of the &quot;Big Name&quot; consulting firms have you seen advertising these roles in the national press, or on any internet sites? Very few - in other words, their hiring needs are being met to a considerable degree by recruitment firms...<br><br>

I'd certainly be interested in hearing any recruiters' views. Anyone? Rgds, Tony

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#4 Re: Answer
22/04/2003 00:00


Tony, if client demand is so high for Public Sector consultancy and outsourcing consultancy, why is there not a wider advertising strategy? My colleagues and I have been trying to find a way into this area for over 6 months as we believe we can offer a wide range of skills, particularly for the health sector and local Government/councils. However, trying to get in is proving difficult and usually because the sponsor wants &quot;clinical experience&quot; or &quot;experience of local government&quot;. Such views only help to reduce the potential for innovative problem solving. Have you any suggestions on an approach/strategy for the public sector?

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#5 Re: Answer
24/04/2003 00:00

Steve Morris


I can only agree with Tony's view's, firstly in terms of the fragmented nature of the recruitment industry, this does not allow for worthy statistics to be derived. Looking at the indicators within MC and professional services is the best indicator and obviously discussing the market with companies like ourselves who are at the sharp end of hiring needs. At prsent the big names within these areas are recruiting again, across the board from graduates with 1 or 2 years experience to Practice Leads, Partners, Directors, VP's, Senior Consultants etc... Much of this is within the Public Sector Space (Local, Central, MOD, Health, Education etc...), however other verticals that are relatively bouyant at the moment include retail and financial services. If you would like any further info. on this, or a route to market for you and your colleagues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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#6 Re: Answer
24/04/2003 00:00

Jonathan Weir

Tony, a quick note in response to your request for recruiter thoughts. I would like to make a couple of points. The first is that I agree with your assertion concerning the client activity via recruiters in trying to source relevant candidates in Public Sector consultancy and Outsourcing. It is indeed a bouyant area and there is a willingness on the part of prospective and established clients to hire via a third party due to the exceptional demand. I would however say that activity is not exclusive to the aforementiomed skills/sectors. I find that Financial Services sector knowledge, primarily Retail Banking and Insurance is still very prevalent in consultancy clients requirements, the CRM fraternity have always been quietly active (just look at Detica) and there is a real need in the marketplace it appears, for top level Programme Managers and those with Business Consulting skills, such as Change Management, Performance Improvement in sectors other than those already mentioned.

Encouraging yes, but is also widely accepted that a great deal of recruitment is not open to the public domain, which would also back up your point and explains why we may have appeared to disappear, so to speak.

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