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New project? - check Blue Chip Expert

#1 New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
23/06/2007 17:26


Blue Chip Expert is a new kind of networking service - created to connect top-tier freelance professionals, contract employees and consultants with the most sought-after engagements from leading companies in every business category. Blue Chip Expert is profiled in the October issue of Business 2.0 Magazine; they call it a MySpace for Job Seekers.

There are a few unique benefits that make Blue Chip Expert different from any other networking resource you may have tried previously:

* Membership is by invitation only - so it's limited to the best companies and the best people. Which makes it a perfect way to expand your network to include top contacts in every field.

* The networking technology is cutting-edge. Blue Chip Expert uses a proprietary engine to connect the right specialist to the perfect engagement. It's the easiest way to build a team on a moment's notice, or locate other professionals to complement your capabilities.

* Members can actually earn recurring fees for introducing professionals - and the potential annual revenues are considerable. Once you register, make sure to check out the Referral Fee Calculator to project potential earnings. I think you may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

There are a lot more member privileges - but the easiest way to get the details is to accept this invitation and register at Blue Chip Expert.

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#2 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
23/06/2007 18:04

Corporate Whore to everad (#1)

Are you serious? You can't be.

There is a design flaw with the site and you have just proved it.

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#3 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
23/06/2007 20:12

Melbourne to everad (#1)

I think it's a given that every time an advert gets posted on the forum, it's an open

invitation to tear apart the business logic. It's the weekend so I'll be nice.

1) Nice - the candidate portal leads you to the client sales presentation. Slick move.

2) So, using this site is like searching for a flight or a holiday - how exactly? Is this

any more useful a tool than Google or Monster?

3) Is it really recommended by executive search firms - why? This is in direct competition with them and devalues their brand by association with a de-skilled hiring process.

4) If candidate selection is so exclusive, how come the bulk invitation posted on a public


5) Who pays for the rewards? To coin a phrase "Show me the money."

6) What's the target market? Consultants? Industry? I'm not convinced that the BCE staff are

qualified to help me when they don't seem to know what they're selling.

7) Do "senior hiring managers" have the time or inclination to sit ploughing through internet

resumes, doing the donkey work? This suggests BCE doesn't understand how its clients (blue

chip organisations) actually hire staff and buy consulting services.

8) Is "senior hiring managers" a buyer group, a user group, the term that was originally scrawled on the whiteboard and nobody bothered to segment? Will any of the target audience recognise themselves under that term?

9) I'm guessing whoever thought up the business plan and marketing didn't go to any of the business schools mentioned. Otherwise they just wasted two years of their life.

10) S.........l............o..............w.......... website.

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#4 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
23/06/2007 20:42

anon to Melbourne (#3)

Hey checked out the Terms of Use and fuond this gem:

"The TPA reserves the right to pay Expert only after receipt of payment from Hiring Manager (and funds clearance in the case of checks). Expert acknowledges and agrees that BCE and the TPA shall have no responsibility for a Hiring Manager’s failure to pay or late payment, and Expert agrees to solely seek recourse against the Hiring Manager for the performance of any obligation of the Hiring Manager under the Assignment Agreement(s), including without limitation payment for services rendered."

Two words. F_CK OFF.


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#5 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
25/06/2007 01:21

Close Call! to everad (#1)

My security software is now blocking BCE as a phishing site.

Good thing I didn't enter my details yesterday!!

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#6 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
25/06/2007 23:40

Taxman to Close Call! (#5)

Its ok i entered your details for you

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#7 RE: New project? - check Blue Chip Expert
26/06/2007 19:42

Monty to Taxman (#6)

Spamtastic. I get the phishing alert too. Tried it with a fresh Yahoo address on Saturday and have over 50 dodgy emails already.

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