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Real Jobs or Just Publicity Campaigns?

#1 Real Jobs or Just Publicity Campaigns?
11/04/2003 00:00

David Ansoff

Since mid 2001 a number of well qualified consultants, big 5 employees and good graduates have commented on several posts being advertised by large banks, consultancies and other outfits during the down-turn throughout Europe. Over a period of 2 years the same campaigns are run but no one is actually hired (Insider info).

Some recruitment agents have even been de-moralised because they fail to correlate actual spec profiles with real client motives.

As I am frequently in contact with several CEOs I know this to be a publicity drive to encourage the share price in some cases and lead financial market-analyst to falsely conclude the level of business being done.

I am interested in hearing the common responses given by HR/managers to candidates after 1,2 or Final Interviews and also the creative reasons (if possible).

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#2 Re: Real Jobs or Just Publicity Campaigns?
12/04/2003 00:00


Typically whats happened in Ireland is that people aren't even taken for interview. The ads in the national press have literally just been publicity campaigns.

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#3 Real Jobs or Just Publicity Campaigns?
12/04/2003 00:00

David Ansoff

Thanks Darren for your input, much appreciated. Anyone else ?Don't be shy...

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#4 possible explanations...
15/04/2003 00:00

Tony Restell,

David - I can't comment on whether CEOs have given instructions to advertise fake roles, but I suspect if there are instances of this being done the adverts would probably appear in the national press so as to generate the maximum positive exposure. Advertising on an internet job board would simply not reach enough equity analysts and financial investors to have any impact on share prices.<br><br>

From a UK perspective, what there have certainly been instances of in the last 18 months are recruitment campaigns being launched that then get put on hold mid-process. From my dealings with the big firms it is usually the senior HR managers or the individual practices that initiate the recruitment campaign. Recruitment freezes, on the other hand, tend to be ordered by the CEO. So it is not inconceivable that campaigns are launched by decision-makers with the intent of making hires but that mid-campaign everything gets put on hold because of orders coming down from on high. That certainly leaves promising candidates somewhat in the lurch, but in most instances those same candidates have then been approached when the recruitment freeze has come to an end.<br><br>Would be interested in hearing thoughts from others in different geographies. Tony

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#5 Re: possible explanations... Reply
15/04/2003 00:00


Yes this happens often in Belgium and Germany. Ofcourse you must remember that it has only become an apparent tactic as more firms occupy the national press during this downturn.

Often the Ad is drafted in a slick manner to appeal to a wide skill base. Rarely, are they top heavy on actual skills specs. This is what I call the HR-wish-list. Interviews are as much a tool for training HR staff as it is for hiring. The test in this situation; rarely someone senior attends.

An example is where a 23year old HR girl is interviewing a skilled 34 year old Tech consultant. (PA consulting Jan 2001, London)

I have many examples, but I'm sure you get the point.

The crux of the matter is not defining/prove [who] gives the orders to do these fake advert. It's your ability to recognise that this is form of branding is happening.

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#6 Re: Real Jobs or Just Publicity Campaigns?
18/04/2003 00:00


Well, more or less the kind of advice on this website. The same since 2002 (but they're so smart changing the orders when you reload the page...)

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#7 Re: possible explanations... Reply
23/04/2003 00:00


Many thriving consulting firms keep the &quot;help wanted&quot; signs out 24/7. REALLY good consultants are pretty scarce.They will grab the stars that respond because they:

-Are awesome relationship builders

-Bring a host of good new client relationships free of charge

-Operate on autopilot, with little management support

-Are wizards at mining other consulting engagements in the same client.

-Don't need lots of messy, expensive training in consulting

If you fit the bill, send your CV. Don't sweat the MBA/experience stuff. It is the minimum entry requirement anyway, not the differentiator.

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