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Research Analyst posts at McKinsey

#1 Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
12/06/2007 20:36


Hi everyone,

I am thinking about applying to the Research Analysts posts at McK. Does anyone have any information regarding the post? Hows workload and salary?

You see, I dont want to get into McK to gain prestige, power and money. Im interested in research as such and enjoy learning, per se.

Thanks for your insights folks.

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#2 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 08:52

MBB to anon (#1)

The hours will be lighter than for a consultant, but they will most likely be more than 9-5.

On the point about wanting to 'get into research' - it rather depends what level you're joining at. At a junior level (grad or near grad) a lot of what you do will be pulling data for consultants from industry reports, annual reports etc. At a more senior-level, you will start to flip over into longer-term more 'research' type work.

To be honest, if you want to 'do research' why not stay at university...

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#3 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 09:32

The Senior Vice President to MBB (#2)

"The hours will be lighter than for a consultant, but they will most likely be more than 9-5"

Um... yes. Bit of an understatement. Be under no illusion. Assuming we're both talking about the same McK I know of, the hours will be LONG and the workload will be HEAVY. You will however be able to research things to your heart's content and there will be no end of learning.

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#4 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 10:02

Fred to anon (#1)

The research track can be interesting. I had a couple of interviews a couple of years ago for it. They are trying to make it into more of a real career track than the admin position that it used to be. Until 2000, knowledge management was non-existent in McK - they were panned for this by an internal report, so an important part of the research role is now in maintaining databases, uploading case studies etc. Hours are regular 9-5.30. The core of the work is around internet/intranet/online database/news research of specific facts and figures. You may also get to do bits of work for McKinsey Quarterly articles. What isn't covered is McKinsey Global Institute (which is in Brussels) and slide deck production (India). Valuable skills are flexible thinking (you may have to work out where to go to find data), accuracy and attention to detail (if you're asked for GDP figures, you can't substitute GNP figures, and you need to make explanatory notes if you draw from two datasets that use different assumptions), time management and robust attitude (if you know that you can't find a piece of data or can't find it within the allotted time period, you need to make that clear).

I decided not to go for the Junior Research Analyst position because it is very, very junior and I'd find it frustrating. The career track still seems geared to hiring people without an academic background. I was quoted a minimum of a year to get promoted to Research Analyst which is the level most decent BSc graduates are already used to operating at. Because the group is fairly small, and the pace is relatively sedate (it's still regarded as part of admin rather than consulting) promotion and training can be hard to get - you are likely to be waiting for someone to resign or retire (rare as McK is a pretty kind employer) before you can move into their position.

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#5 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 14:39

anon to Fred (#4)

Thanks everyone for their insight.

Having been doing Strategy work at a Big 4 for 2 years I think I might be able to apply for a more senior role.

Fred - About the administrative side of the work - yes, I spotted it out in the webpage. I do not want to be a number cruncher or someone who helps gather data for a project. I want to do longer term research. At what seniority level could I bring up my own ideas and do research on them? How easy is it to do it?

To SVP - Regarding the type of research that could be done, how does it exactly work? You go and propose something and thats that? Being used to the standard 'job' in consultancy it sounds a bit weird. What are the limits here? For example, if I want to do research on how businesses work in war zones (something I am very interested), would I get a yes for an answer?

To MBB - I have thought too about going back to uni. However, I want my research to resonate, to have an importance in the market. Thats why I consider McK. Also, if I go and do a PhD I would like it to be at a very very good uni and I assume doing research at McK looks good.

Also, I am certain I will go back to uni because I would love to teach. It really is something that I would love (and goes down along family lines).

Finally, hows the pay? Where is the place (location-wise) to do research at McK? Boston? Brussels?

Again, thanks for your comments. Very much appreciated.

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#6 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 14:48

anon to anon (#5)

I am a bit puzzled too about how does the McK Global Institute work and its relationship with the Knowledge Centers (where the research analysts are based).

The latter sounds like a tier 2 sort of research, but at the McK Global Institute they build up teams from their consultants.

Any opinions here?


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#7 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
13/06/2007 15:56

anon to anon (#6)

there isnt much love lost between McK and it's knowledge centre, from what I've seen. Several managers from their centre in India left to form KPO companies, the most successful being Evalueserve.

McK (and a couple of others, a.f.a.i.k) carefully control the level work done by the knowledge centres, so they dont get too close to the work done by the junior consultants to avoid damaging the brand and pricing.

As a result, onshore jobs in the research team at McK are probably pretty good, as the offshore team are only allowed to do the low end stuff. Other places are outsourcing a lot more of the interesting stuff.

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#8 RE: Research Analyst posts at McKinsey
07/07/2017 09:43

louish to anon (#1)

Hey, Anon! It’s good to start a career as Research Analyst. Although I have very much experience in this profile, I am not sure about McK. However, allow me to share my thoughts on this. If I were you, I’d go through a reputable research analyst recruitment agency to confirm and validate your findings. Personally, I do highly recommend Freshminds. The team does not only help you with landing a good profile job but can also assist you in finding the best market where you can grow both professionally and personally.

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