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Bonus at Deloitte

#1 Bonus at Deloitte
11/06/2007 16:52


Hi can anyone confirm if there is any bonus payout at Consultant level at Deloitte or do they start paying bonus only after SC level.

What is the salary band for Consultant at Deloitte and how many year on average before a Consultant moves on to Senior Con?

Any advice helps. Thanks

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#2 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
12/06/2007 12:51

j-hunter to Dilema (#1)

You only get a bonus from SC upwards

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#3 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
12/06/2007 19:59

DCF to j-hunter (#2)

Not true. If you bothered to read the emails that Big JC sends round from time to time, you would have noticed that bonuses are to be paid down to M1 grade from this year onward, replacing the "Outstanding Contribution Awards".

I wouldn't expect much, though.

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#4 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
12/06/2007 21:36

? to DCF (#3)

Isn't M1 more senior than Senior Consultant?

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#5 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
12/06/2007 22:12

DCF to ? (#4)

No, it sort of goes in 'reverse order' - M6 is Director, M1 is Consultant. Snr Consultant is M2. There is no M3! The grades do not seem to be in as common usage in Consulting as in other parts of the firm, but are still applicable.

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#6 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
12/06/2007 22:16

Insider to ? (#4)

Consultant Level is M1

Senior Consultant Level is M2

M1 get bonuses (introduced this year by JC) and it does indeed replace the OCAs of past times.

M2 get bonuses and car allowance and too.

If you are looking for money go to ACN but if you want a life join Deloitte.

<br>Nuff said

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#7 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
15/06/2007 15:09

Toilette to Insider (#6)

2-3 years as a consultant

Bonuses are certainly not good at Deloitte so don't expect much and your diappointment will be less.

Depends which group you are in though as to whether you will have a life.

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#8 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
15/06/2007 17:36

Dilema to Toilette (#7)

Hi, are you from Deloitte?

You mentioned bonus is not good but what percentage are we talking about?


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#9 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
16/06/2007 14:30

cm to Dilema (#8)

I have just been offered a position at Consultant level at Deloitte. You do get a bonus 8-12% of salary.

I'd also point out that my offer from Deloitte was more money than the offer I received from ACN at the same level.

Both these offers were much better than what Atos (current employer) could offer me. Great people at Atos, but as a company are likely to struggle in the market place moving forward.

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#10 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
16/06/2007 23:29

DCF to cm (#9)

As a Consultant at Deloitte due to receive a first bonus this year, I will be pleasantly surprised if the bonus is paid at that sort of rate.

The business model here as you should know by now is based on outrageous prices, low raw material costs and an inequitable distribution of profits (i.e. your Partner will likely accrue significantly more in profit from you than your entire earnings).

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#11 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
25/06/2007 13:53

Toilette to cm (#9)

The 8-12% offer is probably about right for the top end of bonuses. c.15-20% of people will get that level of bonus while the rest will get significantly less. Most people get less and at least half get nothing or a nominal amount.

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#12 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
02/07/2007 23:49

Raffi to Toilette (#11)

very true regarding the inequitable distribution of profits...until you figure the following.

1. the partnership group take on all of the risk of the practice including having inexperienced new hires chatting to cxos...(saw it happen once, very difficult to not winch as faux pas after faux pas fell from the young un's lips...- actually wait a was me...)

2. the partnership group is the hardest to get into and the easiest to fall out of...(i have seen new partners get kicked out a quarter after getting the promotion...

3. the work is good, and if it upsets you then the Deloitte kudos should set you up for a good position elsewhere...

there is no kool ade to drink...its a good firm, it pays pretty well and if you want more...WORK HARDER...


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#13 RE: Bonus at Deloitte
03/07/2007 08:48

Anon to Raffi (#12)

Deliotte is small time work compared to accenture, who do large systems integration projects.

One gets work on the back of auditing work, the other through marketing as an IT services provider.

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