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MOW Interview Disappointment

#1 MOW Interview Disappointment
11/06/2007 10:44


I interviewed with Oliver Wyman (as finally they are using their original name again) but went out in the final round. The feedback they gave me was that I made all 5 case interviews but that one personal fit interview was not satisfactory. As you can probably understand, I was pretty disappointed afterwards as I still consider MOW to be one of the best firms to work for and only got kicked out so marginally. Now I started with another consulting company which I would say is considered to be tier2 and I am not feeling 100% challenged there and consider changing to another consulting firm. Could anyone please tell me how easy it is to change from a tier2 company to either a tier1 or a boutique like for example L.E.K.? I graduated first honours from a top undergraduate business school, but do top consultancies just ignore applicants from other tier2 consultancies as they consider themselves to be to elite? And does anyone know whether it makes sense to reapply to MOW in future or whether their blacklist unsuccessful applicants? And maybe someone could recommend me a consultancy which, like MOW, is particularly focusing on a more quantitative consulting approach (L.E.K. seems to go this way…)

Thanks you very much!

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#2 RE: MOW Interview Disappointment
11/06/2007 12:17

MOWGrad to RecentGraduate (#1)

It all depends on what you deem to be tier 2 ? Specifically where do you work ?

I joined MOW after working at Marakon. Most of the guys here have strong grades and very strong work experience - some in investment banks - some in industry - some in strategy consultancies.

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#3 RE: MOW Interview Disappointment
11/06/2007 12:31

Gorilla Mania to MOWGrad (#2)

Wow, you guys are freakin hardcore!!

What advice do you have for an under-paid person like me?

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#4 RE: MOW Interview Disappointment
13/06/2007 07:58

RecentGraduate to MOWGrad (#2)

Thank your very much for your reply. The people I interviewed with (ok, with one exception) were really great, that’s why I was very disappointed that I didn’t make all personal fits.

I do not want to post my company name here but I know people who changed to MOW at senior and junior level. The more critical question is whether MOW would invite me again for interviews although I was not accepted after graduation. Do you have an idea?

Marakon also seems to be a good option, how did you like it there and why did you change to MOW?

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#5 RE: MOW Interview Disappointment
25/06/2007 17:25

Mars A Day to RecentGraduate (#4)

Speaking as a headhunter in the strat consulting space I would say don't get disheartened; MOW have not rejected YOU so much as you current level of experience, emotional intelligence, maturity etc AT THIS POINT; you just need some more experience (life in general, not just consulting). As for Tier 1 or Tier 2, MOW, Marakon, LEK, Roland Berger, OC & C etc are all excellent firms, and rated by their peers in MBB, so don't get tied up on this; of course you can reapply in the future - give it a year and have another go! These firms will work you hard so it's survival of the fittest - show them you are one of them!

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#6 RE: MOW Interview Disappointment
18/12/2007 15:56

Gordon to RecentGraduate (#1)


Sorry to hear you didnt crack OW. Know how you feel.

Listen was wondering if you could talk me through the numerical reasoning test. What was it like? A q example. Name of the test supplier. How did you prepare?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


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