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New Kid on the Block

#1 New Kid on the Block
02/04/2003 00:00



I am very new in the field of consulting as my own privately owned business. I have had over 20 years exp. in Human Resources & Operational Management Consulting. I have earned the opportunity to open my own business as a consultant, however, I find the market is flooded with more than enough qualified people. This is a challenge to me, but I am more than able and ready to take that challenge. My problem? Though I have more than enough in terms of exp. I lack the credentials and/or education to back me as I see my competitors have. Of course, I have enrolled in a college with HR Manangement as my major, but what else can I do in the meantime. My business is now open and I have had some good exposure with some very small client companies. This contracts are not such that would cover the cost of operating a full time business and cost of living expenses. I can't turn back now, nor do I want to. I enjoy every aspect of my consulting career and the challenge ahead of me. The very challenge of consulting incredibly unleashes my creative flow and allows my abilities to accomplish multi-tasked projects in more than reasonable time limits. I absolutely love this field and I know I have choosen the right career. I know what I want and I love the hard work and the paper trail that comes with it, but what I really enjoy most is the ability to help a client/client company succeed/excel...I enjoy helping others. With this information, does anyone have any suggestions? Please advise.

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#2 Re: what would you suggest?
03/04/2003 00:00


if you were consulting to someone in your situation, what would you suggest?

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#3 Re: New Kid on the Block
01/05/2003 00:00

Ward Smith

I would self-educate using the following URL:

This is a wonderful tool that can be used in many consulting situations, especially when proposal deliverables need to be manufactured quickly. Remember it's not what you know, it's who you know and the buzzwords you use!

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#4 Re: New Kid on the Block
01/05/2003 00:00


Loved The Bullshit Site.

It reminded me of playing buzzword bingo - we gave a certain senior manager at a well known airline a bingo card with the jargon words of the day on it: it took less than a day of meetings for him to cry "Bingo"!

At the same airline, we used to invent new jargon, drop it in in context at a meeting so it was reasonably obvious what it meant, and then sat back to see how long it took to go up the food chain until the MD used it!

Bullshit was the reason I called my own consulting company by that Japanese city, Fukuoka, as in "F*** you, okay?" [with belated apologies to the residents of Foo-koo-oh-car!!]

Dealing with Companies House was a real treat as, once they had stopped sniggering at the spelling and - to their minds - the more obvious way of pronunciation, they did not want to allow the name until I suggested they might be accused of being racist . . . but at that time I was enunciating it correctly!!

As for new kids on the block, there are so many chasing so few clients, I don't think many will see their first birthday.

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