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Mars a day - help

#1 Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 15:10


So i want to hear your thoughts. My end goal is to get to Macquarie - as a manger. Ive heard their infrastrucutre / transport is the best in the world - and i want to work with and only the best.

Im happy to go direct, or if need be, do a brief stint at McK or BCG. I think this would be a longer option, but ill deal with it if i must.

How do i best position myself? I have excelent accademics ( a 2.1 hons from Durham) - and good work experience ( did an internship at Axxa PPP sales desk )

I am good a making presentations (ie. everything is aligned and nice ) and i can research with the internet.

I am planning to apply to McK next week - for I have 4 days off here from Acn ( testing is stopping for a week). After that, i will secure my job at McK and then start applying to Macquarie.

Do you have any advice on how to make my strategy bettter?



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#2 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 15:30

Mars A Day to Pear (#1)


One step at a time. Its great to have a strategy, but all strategies need to be flexible - in fact much of the work you will be engaged in at McKinsey or suchlike will be to model and 'hardwire' alternative strategies to enable businesses to change on a dime with a planned, well modelled and costed strategy to suit from the shelf.

McKinsey -and Macquarrie for that matter - will question your commitment unless you can live and breath what they do: to be successful with McK you will need to convince them of your sincerity to become a McK analyst. My advice is therefore simply to focus on the first step in front of you, which is to align yourself in the next few years to your end goal - in this case get your role in McK; Bain do alot of PE work also (in fact their business model is such that the lion's share of their revenues are from PE) as to BCG so look to applying there also. Exude leadership and star quality.

The alternative is to start applying to IB grad schemes - any will do, but something like capital markets would be good, or in fact any strat firm with a solid M&A practice. Deloitte are moving increasingly into M&A so apply there also.

Don't hesitate - do it now and be committed!

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#3 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 15:34

Pear to Mars A Day (#2)

why would i ( or anyone else for that matter ) chose to work at McKinsey or Bain when you can work in Macquarie or Blackstone for the same lifestyle and earn 5x more??

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#4 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 15:52

ANON to Pear (#3)

'cause you may not have the choice

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#5 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 16:19

Mars A Day to ANON (#4)


Self confidence is fine. Pure conceited arrogance is certainly not. Dial it down please.

You will work harder at Macquarrie that you everr though possible. I mean that. Don't confuse what you will be doing with an annoited principal of the firm, you will be sweating bulletts and they will have their pound of flesh from you.

It sounds to me that all you see is the £££. I doubt your chances if that's your only motivation.

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#6 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 18:30

{ear to Mars A Day (#5)

right whatever. the only thing is that you are envious that soon i will be at mckinsey and then at macquarie racking in cash and prestige - having the power to crush whatever i want when you will still be in the line for a burger and fries.

well done. youre a high achiver

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#7 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 18:40

Droopy pear. to {ear (#6)

Pear. Calm down - it's nearly bedtime.

You start a thread asking for AMAD's help. You then proceed to insult and provoke in an infantile manner, concluding with a Tre Azam/Katie Hopkins-esque attempt to convince us (and probably yourself as well) of your greatness.

As the Germans would say - Laecherlich.

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#8 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 18:42

anon to Droopy pear. (#7)

2:1 from Durham. Tim Nice-but-Dim!

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#9 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 19:24

Village Idiot to anon (#8)


Please don't let these posters scare you away. It would be a shame to lose your colourful posts. You've brightened up my afternoon.

If the career at Macquarie doesn't work out, there's always Panto?


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#10 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 19:48

non to Village Idiot (#9)

2.1 form Durham. Excellent academics? Now you really must be deluded if you consider this to be excellent. It is nothing more than bog standard. Seriously. I mean if you got 5% or so lower on average then you wouldn't even be eligible to apply to consulting.

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#11 RE: Mars a day - help
07/06/2007 22:39

KnightIndustries to non (#10)

It's alright lads.....with his excellent academics, he'll do well as the "Manger" of Macquarie

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#12 RE: Mars a day - help
08/06/2007 00:25

fas to Pear (#1)

Surely I'm not the only one who spotted this was a p*sstake within seconds of reading the first post.

I don't even think it's possible to do an internship in insurance sales - temping perhaps.

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#13 RE: Mars a day - help
08/06/2007 09:05

A Mars A Day to fas (#12)

I could say alot to Pear at this point but won't.

Except look out Pear, He's behind you! Boo! Hiss!

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