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PwC Advisory to Consulting?

#1 PwC Advisory to Consulting?
03/06/2007 19:42



I am an undergrad from Toronto Canada currently working at PwC Advisory (within Risk Advisory) as an intern. The culture at PwC is great, and the partner is keen on supporting me through getting my CA (Chartered Accountant) designation. I only reason why I want to pursue the designation is because it can add value to my career by opening up many different doors, and also that I will have something to fall back on.

However, the job mostly consists of designing and testing internal controls (both business process and ITGCs) and it seems very dry and dull. The reason why I am still here is because I can gain some experience on the Advisory side while still studying for my CA designation, getting a taste of both worlds. I have also learned that PwC Advisory is growing at a very fast pace in recent years, and are trying to grow their consulting practice. In terms of market space, PwC will be in the layer between the MBBB and the Deloitte, Accenture, IBM etc., so it will be mostly involved with helping companies with the "HOW" in a strategic plan rather coming up with the strategy or doing full-scale implementation. So it seems like an exciting time to be part of this growth, even though I'm at the bottom of the ladder.

I've been reading a lot of posts on the forum lately and based on the work I am doing now, I want to move into something a bit more strategic and consulting in nature. Since I am still an undergrad right now, I'm thinking of these 2 options:

1) Start with PwC after graduation (2008). Work for 3 years in Advisory, while picking up a CA designation. Work my a** off for a top 5 MBA. Then try to switch into Finance or Consulting.

2) Hunt for a job after graduation. Hopefully work for a place like Deloitte Consulting / ACN Consulting for 2-3 years. Get an MBA, and then hope to switch into a more strategic role.

I know that both options look similar, but the difference is that I have no experience prior to PwC and PwC is pretty much willing to have me back after grad (so I don't have to look for a job elsewhere). Otherwise, I'll still have to worry about landing a job with a good firm and who knows what will happen at that point.

Would PwC be a good way to get into the consulting world? Or should I take a risk and give up PwC (and the CA designation) and look for other more consulting-related work?

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#2 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
04/06/2007 18:23

anon to Kareers (#1)

Though I haven't worked for PwC, I rather suspect that the work is fairly similar at the junior levels across the various advisory/consulting segments. Therefore, you wouldn't be doing yourself a disservice by starting your fulltime career there.

The headstart you get in terms of network and familiarity with the business, having done an internship there, has to be advantageous to your career anyway.

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#3 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
04/06/2007 18:24

anon to anon (#2)

To clarify, I meant that you have a headstart if you return to the same firm and the same office as a graduate, having interned there.

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#4 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
05/06/2007 06:09

Kareers to anon (#3)

Thanks for your reply, anon!

I had a brief talk with my prof today and he suggested that I should not "follow the crowd" and go through the CA route just because it will benefit my career. My Commerce degree is actually in Management Information Systems, so he said based on my current resume, that I would be a good fit for a firm like accenture.

But from what I have read on this forum, Strategy at ACN definitely sounds like a prestigious position and it appears that many people would like to transfer into this area.

What does it take to land a position within ACN Strategy?? I know of some friends who are in that position, but they have Finance degrees. Would I be at a disadvantage if I only have a Management Information Systems degree?

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#5 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
05/06/2007 06:18

Kareers to Kareers (#4)

And 1 more quick question... I am not familiar with the job market out there and the value of undergrad degrees (with certain options), but would an MIS degree limit me in terms of my career in the long run? Especally if I would like to move into a management role or consulting role (more $$$)?

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#6 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
05/06/2007 17:08

anon to Kareers (#5)

this is how i see it:


Finance = Business

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#7 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
06/06/2007 09:36

Not a consultant to anon (#6)

You think ERS is boring? Damn. I was seriously thinking of getting a job there.

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#8 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
08/06/2007 18:01

anon2 to Not a consultant (#7)

ERS is a lot of SOX work and involves a lot of internal controls (both IT and business process) design & testing.

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#9 RE: PwC Advisory to Consulting?
12/06/2007 00:42

kareers to anon2 (#8)

How hard is it for people in Risk Advisory to move into Strategy Consulting? Do they need completely different mindsets?

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