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Analysys Consulting ???

#1 Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 12:19


Hi everyone!

I have been called by Analysys Consulting to appear in their first round of interview process based on numeracy and verbal reasoning tests for the post of "Business Analyst". Could anyone please advise me on the nature of these tests if they are the same as those conducted by Deloitte, KPMG etc. or more like the GMAT format.

I know this thread would not be of much interest for many of the readers as Analysys are specialist only in Telecom consultancy.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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#2 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 17:53

anon to B (#1)

The verbal reasoning is walk in the park. However the numerical reasoning is a litte more tricky. A year ago when I sat it, they used the same numeracy paper as Deutsche Bank.

btw. did you apply to them or have you been headhunted?

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#3 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 17:57

Anon to anon (#2)

I would totally disagree with that, verbal is more tricky than numerical.

So basically, its down to the individual.

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#4 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 18:01

anon1 to Anon (#3)

of course it's down to the individual. But my point is that compared to other numerical papers i've sat this one (used also by DB) has been the hardest I've seen.

I scord 90% on the verbal, and 75% on the numerical - the required pass mark was 80%.

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#5 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 18:45

B to anon (#2)

Thanks very much Anon & anon1 for your comments. I applied to Analysys myself and am called for the test.

What do you guys suggest would be the best way to prepare for their test. Any links etc. I have about ten days to prepare for it.

I emailed their HR and they replied me: "go through some GMAT type stuff to get your brain working although the format is not exactly the same".

Any help would be appreciated.



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#6 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
27/05/2007 22:12

anon1 to B (#5)

SHL are one of the most widely used firms for the tests. On their website you can practice sample questions. Also, if you visit the careers section of the big four and top IBs websites you will find practice questions. I can't remember if the paper Analysys used was SHL or not.

I found the key to these papers is practice, practice, practice. You get used to the feel of the question. If you have 10 days, I would use these wisely. Like Anon suggests - it will depend on your numerical ability.

Alternatively, Ovum also do telecoms consultancy ;)

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#7 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
28/05/2007 13:59

Nigel Deighton to B (#1)


Went through these tests a few months ago. The real problem is particularly on the numerical test if you get out of step between the questionnaire and the fill in the box answer sheet you are in real trouble.

Personally I did find the numerical test difficult and greatly question the utility of such tests in the first place, particularly when talking about Analysys. And yes I did get out of step and hence failed miserably.

But then I was a VP at Gartner for 10 years and probably know more about where telecom is going than most of the number crunchers they have.

That's life, we all fall on tests we cannot pass at some point but if you are lucky and the other guys are smart they will realise that you have already scored highly in the test of professional life.

Unfortunately if you do not make the right percentage point with these tests at Analysys you have no chance of persuading them to hire you.

I wish you the very best of luck.


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#8 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
31/05/2007 13:14

B to Nigel Deighton (#7)

Thanks Nigel and anon1 for your kind comments.

One last thing I would like to know. What is so difficult about the numeracy test, is it the level of the questions asked or the limited time in which you have to solve them. Could you also tell me how many questions were there to be answered in the 30 minute test.

You all have been very supportive.



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#9 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
23/02/2008 10:19

Bric to B (#8)

Is there anybody in the forum who has gone through the written test in recent months. Just wondering as what was level of difficulty in the verbal and numerical part and any tips for passing successfully

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#10 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
24/02/2008 22:05

housepoint to Bric (#9)

I took this test not too long ago. It is similar to the GMAT. I did well without studying and my best advice is to get plenty of sleep the night before the exam.

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#11 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
20/05/2008 20:23

anon to housepoint (#10)

There are 33 math questions to solve in 30 minutes... very tight time, at least for me.

the questions are not difficult, much easier than GMAT. It's the time that blew me.

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#12 RE: Analysys Consulting ???
20/05/2008 21:40

Anon to anon (#11)

both tests are very easy, if you've done OC&C or Oliver Wyman tests. Just need to be calm that's all. It's all primary school maths and a bit of logic and reasoning in the verbal. I passed it and didnt go to the interview as I had another better offer. Good luck.

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