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Change Management MBA needed?

#1 Change Management MBA needed?
16/03/2003 00:00


I currently work for a pharmaceutical company as the Communications support on two global change management projects which are directed from board level. These will finish mid 2004 and I would like to move into consultancy and specialise in Change Management. To make this transition and enhance my chances of employment, should I do an MBA starting in 2003 or should I wait until the change projects in my current company wrap up? I am really keen to just get-on and make the move. I have an undergraduate degree and 7 years experience in the pharma sector. Any advise would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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#2 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
18/03/2003 00:00

Dinos Kynigos

Dear Anna.

Go ahead and start immediately the MBA by distance learning as by the time yor company's projects start you will be halfway with your MBA and you will be able to contribute alot to the projects and personally benefit from this. When the project starts you will have real material that you will need for your final project. Do your MBA at a good university. I am presently finishing my MBA (Distance Learning ) with the University of Leicester. You will enjoy it. Good Luck. Dinos Kynigos

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#3 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
19/03/2003 00:00

Paul Kosasih


It is dependant upon your time schedule and work load in the change management project. To be a consultant, you need first hand experience and this can be achieved by being fully involved in the upcoming change management project. So hang on in there.

If you can allocate around 20+ hours per week, then indeed go for MBA course by distance learning method. However, please be reminded that MBA programme is not cheap. The first rule of being a good consultant is to be able to manage your own life.

Paul K.

Ps. By the way, the expereince you learn in the change management project will be very handy in your MBA programme course.

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#4 Re: Answer?
20/03/2003 00:00

Business Consultant


I did my MBA 7 years ago... I received a merit for Corporate Finance and also for Change Management.

The short answer is that an MBA is always worth doing for "yourself"- personal development.

But, it doesn't give anyone a free passport into management/directorship/ higher salary because of it. Nor does it make you more employable or help you save a company millions. It's a nice to have and a good trophy to put on your business card.

Personally, I don't think it is worth the amount of money for the return nowadays as it did in 1960-1985.

What is true collateral is your experience and contribution to existing/past change projects.

You should ask yourself (honestly), if YOU would pay someone like "yourself" to run a change management assignment?

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#5 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
20/03/2003 00:00

Elaine Cooper

Study with the Open University (distance learning) which has an excellent choice of subjects in 6 month modules to choose from and you can do both.

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#6 Re: Answer?
20/03/2003 00:00

Keep your job.

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#7 Re: Answer?
20/03/2003 00:00


"Business Consultant" is right 100% !!

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#8 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
21/03/2003 00:00

John Bailey

Hi Anna,

I believe that an MBA, unless you were to do it at a premier school such as INSEAD, IMD, Harvard, Stanford or Wharton, would be waste of your time and resources. Even then 'investing' in such a degree needs to be carefully considered.

The market is flush with MBAs and for the Change Management aspect which you addressed the MBA practical value is minimal to nil.

Change Management is based first and foremost on an understanding of what makes people and their organizations 'tick'. To get people to accept change on a sustained basis requires the ability to convince people and to be able to 'sell' these changes at all organizational levels.

This can be a highly complex process, which you learn in practice, not by MBA theory. Also, you either have the skill to gain such trust and support or you don't. An MBA won't change this one bit.

An MBA may help you to crunch the numbers and do the business analysis of what you want to ultimately 'sell', though again one does not need an MBA for that if the grey matter between one's ears works well and you have good practical experience to back you up.

Top-notch consultancies will be just as interested in you if you decide to specialize in an area other than an MBA.

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#9 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
21/03/2003 00:00



I was in the same predicament as you two years ago ...... I made the choice to do my MBA full time leaving consulting and re-enter the market on completion. To me if you are going to do the MBA give it your full attention and get the most out of it, it is very hard to motivate yourself and extract everythng out of the course if you are preoccupied - additionally given the cost, your cannot afford to give it any less than 100% !!!

Good luck

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#10 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
21/03/2003 00:00

elaine cole

A CM MBA would help you and with your experience you would get (and give) a lot from it - but I would advise applying for the place and then taking a decision on whether to defer it when you see how the projects you're involved with pan out over the next few months towards completion in 2004. There are any number of people out there peddling themselves as change management consultants when really they are far too inexperienced across the full lifecycle & different sectors to describe themselves as such. You will learn an enormous amount by reading round the change subject combined with looking closely at what your organisation is experiencing in terms of the connections and differences between communications and real mindset and behavioural change.

Cheekily, I would recommend you look at a new Management Consultancies Association book 'Consulting into the future - the key skills' published by Hodder and Stoughton. I have contributed the chapter on change management but lots of the chapters in this excellent multi-author publication relate to aspects of organisational change. The 16 authors have a combined experience of (scarily) about 250-300 years!

Very best wishes!

Elaine Cole.

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#11 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
25/03/2003 00:00



You may have now already made your decision, but consider some of the assumptions you have made. For example, you assume finishing the course by a given date, and successfully! Refrain from complaining to your partner / husband about work and / or your course on a daily basis or down the pub. Quit difficult, actually at times.

Do be aware of the inherent costs, financially and socially, in pursuing the MBA by either distance-learning or ft, and the time you would need to put into the course. If you avoid 'post-graduate divorce syndrome', you will be lucky. Approach your current employer for the possibilty of sponsorship of any kind, making a case for staff development.

One respondent mentioned a course text; see also the many articles posted on the IMC site on 'emotional intelligence' in the workplace. If possible, make outlines from real experiences which you could possibly use as case study material in assignments.

Consider your motives in following such a course. What might provide a better job description and fit your personal needs and strengths?

Another respondent claims an MBA does not necessarily fulfill the requirements in becoming a change management specialist. However it will open you mind to new ideas.

Good luck.

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#12 Re: Change Management MBA needed?
29/07/2003 00:00

Sathish Govind

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