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Accenture 1st Interview

#1 Accenture 1st Interview
05/03/2003 00:00


Dear All, I have a 1st interview with Accenture for their summer vacation scheme. Can anyone tell me (aside from swotting up on the application form) what sort of areas of the company I should be looking at learning about? The website is vast and I don't want to waste any time. Much appreciated!

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#2 Re: Accenture 1st Interview
06/03/2003 00:00


To start with I think it would be helpful if you'd ask yourself what areas you are interested in and if your background suits the respective requirements.

Consider what industry you would like to work in and which consulting expertise you would like to build up (eg automotive industry and strategy consulting or banking industry and IT consulting - any combination is possible).

Still, I highly recommend that you do 'waste some time' and thoroughly check the web page. It will help you understand what e.g. a management consultant does and how it differs from IT consulting.

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#3 Re: Accenture 1st Interview
12/03/2003 00:00

Disgruntled -!?

I would definitely ask HR about the memo received from Joe Forehand yesterday announcing furher cutbacks. Ask when these cutbacks are going to stop. Say that you've heard a further 1% of total workforce is going, in addition to the massive cut-backs already seen over the past 18 months. Ask them when they think this will ever stop.

Ask them what they really think of Forehand. Ask them if they've looked at the Employee Survey feedback results that slated the Partners and the lack of direction this firm now has.

Ask them what future ACN has except from large outsourcing deals (a la Sainsbury's) where Consulting skills are being replaced and the fact that this firm is becoming nothing more than a sweatshop.

Ask them why more and more offices are closing and work being transferred to offshore centres in India, China, Czech Republic, etc... Ask them if there's any chance of being transferred to the New Zealand office instead of having to learn Chinese (btw - there isn't.... the NZ offices no longer exist!).

Ask them if they really think the IPO was the great idea that Forehand and Harry You tried to suggest. Ask them where all the cash the IPO was suppsoed to generate has gone to.

Ask them what happened to training for employees. Ask them what happened to Community Meetings. Ask them what is happening to the promotions and recruitment freeze (ask them why they're taking on so many interns instead of permanent employees, and don't forget to ask them whether the clients are aware that they're being charged for interns).

Ask them where the coffee machine is, have a cup to make sure your day wasn't completely wasted, and then ask them if you can be excused for a few minutes - during which time, make a hasty escape and don't ever look back.

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#4 Re: Accenture 1st Interview
13/03/2003 00:00

Someone who knows....


If you feel that research is wasted time then you are not the kind of person that Accenture needs....!

Try IBM.

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#5 Re: Accenture 1st Interview
13/03/2003 00:00

Former Accenture employee

Amen to that. These are just one of the many reasons why I left Accenture.

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#6 Re: Accenture 1st Interview
17/03/2003 00:00


You obviously misunderstood my message. I didn't say that research is wasted time. What I wanted is advice about directed research. There would be little point me spending my last week before the interview learning the finer points of SAP implementation if this is not even going to come up. I appreciate a healthy background knowledge of the company is good - but you waste my time and your own with silly comments like that.

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#7 Re: Accenture 2st Interview?
20/03/2003 00:00


I think Jason must be age 22-24 just out of Uni, and thinks he is going to get his chance with the Big 4, his name in lights like "Johnny B Goode". Jason, if you're "reading" me, what "Ms Disgruntled" echoed will be you, after 3-6 months. Did you know, that interns today, would have got the permanent job last year?.

Jason, Please do go for the internship, it will be money in your back pocket at least.

I know that Accenture is a Tad worse than KPMG, followed by PwC & DT. I know from friends working in each and in different continents.

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#8 Re: Accenture 2st Interview?
21/03/2003 00:00


Dear What - I think you have been "staring" at your "computer" screen too "long". You mention the big four - do you mean the big four accountancy firms? i.e. E&Y, PwC, DT and KPMG? I never at all expressed a wish to be an accountant - and even if I did I'm certainly not naive enough to think they would put my name up in lights. Your message seems slightly confused...

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#9 Re: Accenture 2st Interview?
21/03/2003 00:00


Jason seems to be stressed.

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