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A Culture Like Capgemini?

#1 A Culture Like Capgemini?
02/05/2007 17:06


I’m moving into consulting from a background in strategy and business case development in the travel industry (I’m 32, 8 years experience). I recently attended an assessment centre for Capgemini’s Operational Research division and was told they’d like to offer me a job but can’t at the moment because a management restructure has just postponed all recruitment.

I really felt I would fit in there, and clearly so did they. I’d like to ask if anyone has any thoughts on places with a similar culture?

Seems like they might be sensible alternatives, given that I'm a moving from industry so "fit" will probably be even more important for a candidate like me.

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#2 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
03/05/2007 15:30

Anon to ORmover (#1)

Hi - i currently work for Capgemini and know about this freeze. If you can hold out (did they say how long this will last? - i have heard until end of May) until it is over? It is a great place to work and the OR team are a very strong team so if the culture is right and you can wait i would.

Good luck.

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#3 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
03/05/2007 15:43

Claire to Anon (#2)

I am joining CG soon on the Graduate ATP scheme and I do understand how dissapointed you must be. I agree with you about the friendly and warm atmosphere. I couldn't stress to anyone who would listen how amazed I was by how supportive and approachable everyone was. I, like you, knew before even leaving the assessment centre that this was the one for me, and felt that 'fit' you refer to!

Since signing my contract its been the same high level of involvement doing everything they can to make me feel a part of the company before I even start!

You must be really dissapointed, but please don't lose heart! Like Anon said, if you can hold out then I think you should. You seem a fantastic candidate with great experience and skills, and it seems you will fit in brilliantly with CG's culture.

I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will shine no matter what you chose to do, but it would be great to hear you will be joining CG in the not too distant future!

Please keep in touch and let us know what happens. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for you!


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#4 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
03/05/2007 20:48

techcons to Claire (#3)

Sorry to hear about the delay happening... I am sure it won't last for long and you willsoon from them :)

But Is Capgemini a real good place to work at? I have been hearing mixed feelings abt it. How is the work culture and the kind of projects that are happening? Any comments on Technology services group?

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#5 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
03/05/2007 20:56

anon to techcons (#4)

Has this freeze got anything to do with the initial invitation that I got to interview, followed by a 'we have filled all our positions' email from HR a couple of months later? It was the most drawn out and ultimately pointless recruitment process I've been through and had in the meantime accepted an offer from someone else anyway.

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#6 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
04/05/2007 10:10

ORmover to anon (#5)

Thanks for your replies and supportive messages everyone. They said they think the freeze will last 2-3 months.

I'd love to hang on for them and hope I can. I'm not actually available until September anyway, so that's not really the issue. My experience of recruitment freezes is that they last longer than expected, which is why I don't want to hold my breath, because the fact remains I need a job in September!

So I'm looking at other firms on the assumption that Capgemini won't start recruiting before Sept, and hope to pleasantly surprised if they do.

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#7 A Culture Like Capgemini?
25/05/2007 15:45

Richard Turtle to Claire (#3)

Hey Claire,

I am joining CapGemini soon - September to be precise. I am concerned about salary and was wonering if you could possibly shed some light. The only reason I am concerned is because I have a loan and I am wondering what raise structure is in place?

Graduated a year ago one year under my belt..

ATP is where I will be

Im sure you on a different structure but any ideas would be extremely grateful


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#8 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
25/05/2007 17:28

anon to Richard Turtle (#7)


We know your name, age and where you will be working. Can we please have your shoe size, address and a nice picture of yourself too?

Friendly advice: if I were you, I would be more careful about posting personal information in an open-policy forum like this one . I am sorry to say this, and sincerely do not want to sound mean, but you have the maturity of a 12 year old. Grow up to your age girl.

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#9 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
25/05/2007 21:17

Big Consultant to anon (#8)

Because you know her name, age and where she is going to work you think she has a maturity of a 12 year old?

So what if she gives that information?

What an absolute idiot you are!

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#10 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
26/05/2007 07:14

anon to Big Consultant (#9)

I think she's great, CG will be a much better place to work with her around. Nice to hear someone with a positive, friendly outlook on life for a change. A real diamond in the rough.

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#11 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
26/05/2007 08:43

anon to anon (#10)

a word of warning to new grads, just because the accessment centre had a good atmosphere and culture, you will still need to watch your back.

Just becuase you are not paranoid it doesn't mean that are not out to get you! It can be tough out there in consulting. When the sh*t hits the fan it generally tends to land on everyone.

Just watch your back, be alert and you will do well. Good luck.

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#12 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
27/05/2007 21:38

Claire to anon (#11)

I will ignore the above because ignoring idiots who say horrid things for attention is the only way to deal with them! What I chose to share and not share on this forum is my own personal preference and I won't change just to suit you or adhere to your advice so I can become miserable and bitter like you are!

Rich, my apologies for the way this forum shifted! It's a well known fact that the money in ATP is less than the CDC. I would rather not give a figure because I couldn't find anywhere on the internet which published it and I dont wanna offend CG by saying on here!

but it is alot less.

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#13 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
27/05/2007 21:39

anon to Claire (#12)


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#14 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
31/05/2007 10:15

Big Consultant to anon (#13)


ATP - £24,100 starting package

CDC - £32,500 starting package

Although as ATPer you are supposed to be based outside London, so we can attribute about £3,500 of the difference to London Weighting. Although the CDCers based in Edingbrugh and Glasgow still get the £32,500. They are the really high paid ones if looked at logically.

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#15 RE: A Culture Like Capgemini?
04/06/2007 16:05

Claire to Big Consultant (#14)

The ATP is a little higher this year. The previous poster was bang on the money.

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