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Lord Browne

#1 Lord Browne
01/05/2007 23:59


Not strictly consulting but business none the less - what a bunch of t*rds the mail newspaper group is. A Great British businessman provoked into making a mistake by their lurid fascination with bringing down homosexuals. IN most sections of the media thank god their is general support and talk of shame about this being the end to a great career. Hopefully the business world in the future will be a place where people are free to be themselves and do not feel the need to hide who they are. He lied to a court of law of course, but has the mail actually brought about anything positive to anyone with this effort?

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#2 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 00:37

single male to Jepetto (#1)

It's not about gay witch hunt (though his sexual frolics make a great copy and he should have realised that when engaging his young friend), it’s about perjury. He lied and lied under oath. Archer did time for that. It's a lapse of judgement on his part - a big one.

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#3 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 01:58

swf to Jepetto (#1)

I don't particularly care what the Mail says or does - the fewer people that read it or pay any attention to it, the more likely the whole shambles will close down sooner rather than later.

That said, the title of the thread is "Lord Browne", and on that subject the chap perjured himself plain and simple. He did so in an obvious way and expected to get away with it. Whatever his other managerial shortcomings, that arrogance is unjustifiable. In this day and age, anyone that thinks lying under oath is more acceptable than honesty about their sexuality does not demonstrate the good judgement to be in any position of authority at all.

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#4 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 09:10

Anon to swf (#3)

Is Lord Browne his real name or is that just what the Mail is calling him?

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#5 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 09:27

The Senior Vice President to Anon (#4)

No, his name's Sid Grimes. What a question!

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#6 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 11:33

probably some public interest to The Senior Vice President (#5)

The Mail may be fairly obnoxious but there probably is some reasonable public interest in the head of one of Britain's largest, well politcally connected businesses shacking up with a prostitute for 4 years.

Gay or straight, this doesn't display amazing judgement (unlike in most of Browne's business career)

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#7 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 11:40

A to probably some public interest (#6)

Ditto the first post. Has the Daily Mail brought anything positive to anyone ever!?

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#8 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 12:08

Jake to A (#7)

I think you missed the childish smuttyness in that post SVP.

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#9 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 12:35

anon also to Jake (#8)

Anon, well done!

Some more jokes wouldn't go amiss in the circumstances. What about 'What BP stands for?'. A few years ago the Sun put it as Bonking Paradise when they run a story about people having s*x in BP's Britannic House office. Surely, the latest revelations put a new exciting spin on it. So, any ideas? How about Big Piles?

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#10 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 13:50

Anon II to anon also (#9)

The Daily Mail should bug*er off.... lol... all we need is a post from Mars a day and the smuttiness will be complete.

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#11 RE: Lord Browne
02/05/2007 14:15

Anon to Anon II (#10)

Shirt lifter or pillow biter? Lol

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#12 RE: Lord Browne
03/05/2007 16:36

A Mars A Day... to Anon (#11)

Smutty Anon 2?

Anyway... the Mail is just trying to whip up its usual hysteria; committing perjury is less interesting to their lurid readership than the homosexuality aspect.

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#13 RE: Lord Browne
03/05/2007 19:50

The greater Picture to A Mars A Day... (#12)

We live in a day and age where Indian FDI is more in the UK than UK FDI is in India.

As each day goes on emerging market economies from the likes of Russia, China, India & South Africa gain both more economic and political might. Already countries such as Singapore, S.Korea,Taiwan, UAE,Qatar and so forth have shown how quickly they can catch up.

Lord Browne has in this day played a critical role in assisting the UK compete in a very difficult environment against the economic might of the above mentioned countries and various others.

Sadly a lie that didn't hurt anyone has caused the demise of a man that has helped this country stand tall at a testing era. Few such people come along and unfortunately the majority of business leaders are no far near their overseas competetion nor close to Browne.

We should salute him.

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#14 RE: Lord Browne
03/05/2007 20:08

Anon to The greater Picture (#13)

We dont have many "great" British business leaders and to see the demise of this one is a great shame. Jack Welch had a lot of "controversy" surrounding his improper use of GE resources when he left his 2nd wife for the Editor of HBR. His wife went to the press and told all about his use of GE resourves. It came out in the press that he had used company jets, he kept a GE aparmtent in NY and other stuff, that he then gave back when it all came out. However, Jack Welch is still recognised as one of the greatest CEO's ever. If Lord Browne had used BP resources to help his female partner out would the press have made such a big deal about it or is the british press just worse than the american press at trying to destroy anything good we have in this country. I understand all the other comments about perjury also - but am wondering whether too much has been made of it by our less than patriotic press versus the americans?

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#15 RE: Lord Browne
03/05/2007 23:04

Anon 2 to deleted (#0)

a man with that much money should not steal. I mean why would he? He was one of the richest in the land. Why not give some of his money to his lover.

With his money he can afford as many shirts and pillows as he likes.

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