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Hedra & Serco Consulting

#1 Hedra & Serco Consulting
21/04/2007 19:58


Does anyone know what it's like to work for either Hedra or Serco? I have been offered jobs by both but don't know much about them. Are they well recognised in the consulting space & would it be a good move from a big player I'm working for right now to one of these companies? Do they provide great experience?

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#2 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
22/04/2007 18:38

jaj to LJ (#1)

Both are known brands in the UK public sector space.

Hedra is a small dedicated consultancy whereas Serco is part of a much larger international outsourcing/managed services group of companies. At Serco you could be doing as much internal consultancy as external (not that that's a bad thing given the diversity of international operations).

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#3 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
23/04/2007 11:14

KM to LJ (#1)

Hi There,

I too work for a large and well known consultancy but have heard of both Hedra and Serco.

I have friends who left to join Hedra and Serco and from what I hear they do not regret their decision.

They are involved in some large projects and

those at I don't think they have ever been pulled into a project they didnt want to be involved in.

Hedra have a great name in the Consulting space: particularly in the Govn space.

Serco are growing and have won some interesting projects lately.

Also my friends are always praising the culture and way they are recognsied by their firms...something I can not boast.

Working for a big firm can have its advantages (obvious) but as I get older I've started to recognise the value of having life. Also my friends are happy at these smaller firms while being well paid so maybe the grass is greeener...?

Great you have offers from both though! :-)

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#4 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
23/04/2007 11:19

LJ2 to LJ (#1)

I would not worry about the size of the firm in this case. Both are recognised in the industry;esp Hedra. A friend of mine is about to join Hedra and he's coming from a 'big player' too.

As long as the offers are reasonably good it wouldn't be a bad move to join either.

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#5 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
23/04/2007 14:42

LJ to LJ2 (#4)

Thanks for your input and advice - it's good to know that other's have made the move successfully & that Hedra & Serco are known within the industry too. I'll have to make my mind up!

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#6 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
14/06/2007 07:30

NO to LJ (#5)

Hi LJ,

Do you mind me asking if you did take the leap? And how life has been there since you started? I have an offer from Serco and am interviewing with Hedra. Looks positive and I am interested to hear how you are getting along. Thanks.

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#7 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
14/06/2007 09:49

Painful to NO (#6)

To paraphrase Goring, whenever I hear the word "space" I want to insert a red hot poker up the speaker's rectum.

Please stop it.

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#8 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
14/06/2007 16:20

George to Painful (#7)

I'd be interested in this too!

Heard Serco pay well but Hedra is a better brand on cv? Is that true?


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#9 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
14/06/2007 16:32

BD to NO (#6)

To answer your question N.O., the culture at Serco is great. I previously worked for a Big 4 and moved to Serco last year...absolutely love it. And yes George, the pay is great.

The best part is that I get to work on high-profile projects that almost everyone knows about. This is definitely more valuable on my CV versus having a company name....branding isn't everything. Also, Serco have recently won several bids that Hedra were working on. It's a no brainer...

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#10 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
14/06/2007 19:43

hot potatoes to LJ (#1)

great culture

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#11 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
20/06/2007 15:25

NO to BD (#9)

Thanks BD and hot potatoes. (Sorry for the late response - have been out with limited access to the internet.)

Serco's culture - or what I have seen and heard of it to date - is definitely a great highlight. Thanks for all your feedback. Things are that much clearer.

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#12 RE: Hedra & Serco Consulting
29/06/2007 09:27

LJ to NO (#11)

In response to the question as to whether I've joined yet - I still haven't joined (!) but am doing so in August - I have spoken to a few consultants there and they do really enjoy it. Culture is probably the main attraction for me although they are doing well & have some good projects which is good. The basic salary was much better than Hedra but they don't have flexible benefits...

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