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12/02/2003 00:00



i'm currently studying my a-level and am applying for a the Horizon scheme run by Accenture for students wishing to take a gap year between a-levels and university. However having little to no knowledge (closer to the "no knowledge") about the industry, i'm having a few problems with the application form. In particular three of the questions. I've written my draft answers below; any comments or suggestions would be great (perhaps you could tell me what you may have written). The deadeline is this coming friday 14/2/03 so any advise before then would be great.


Q1. Your understanding of what consultancy at Accenture entails.

A1. Accenture combines technology and outsourcing with its core consultancy role. This is supported through a strong network of alliances (in 47 countries) that span over five operating groups and 18 industries within those operating groups. These operating groups are supported by eight different service lines; these are as diverse as customer relations to technology. Rather than providing advice on a particular aspect of business management Accenture provides a one-stop service. This is achieved through their alliances and industry specific knowledge. The emphasis at Accenture is that of long-term goals and business plans reflect this. The service provided is also very personal with great emphasis on the client.

Q2. Why you are applying to Accenture and how the company differentiates itself from competitors.

A2. Having decided to enter the world of business and management Accenture seemed an obvious choice. With over 74,000 employees around the globe it still maintains a sense of community and corporate citizenship. The meritocratic nature of Accenture’s structure is very appealing to me; this, combined with the underpinning ethic of teamwork, seems an environment where I can further not only my knowledge but also my interest in business and management. Accenture's wide range of services distinguishes it from its competitors in the marketplace by bringing together specialist knowledge with its extensive network of alliance. Accenture also differentiate their service from their competitors through the level of service and advise they provide. The service is personalised and tailored to individual clients, consultants become very much part of the clients firm (or project). Accenture's consultancy is based upon achieving long-term aims with thus provide sustainable business plans with achievable goals. The Horizon scheme seems attractive to me as it allows one to develop ones own personal skills while gaining extensive knowledge of the sector they work in. I would thrive on the opportunity to work for a dynamic, forward thinking firm within the business world.

Q3. Your understanding of the role of an analyst and the skills you would expect to develop.

A3. An analyst has a number of roles within any industry and indeed there is great diversity and specialisation of the role of analysts. Their key role is assessing client’s requirements, gathering information and analysing research, through written and oral means. This is then used to make recommendations and compile reports. This could be on a very specific area of the client’s operation or in the form of general organisational advice.


It seems to me that i'm doing too much a--kissing but i cant really think of another approach. ANY advise would be warmly welcomed!


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13/02/2003 00:00


Your responses sound fine & plausible. There is nothing that jars to my glance so it may be just what Accenture are looking for. If, however, you are looking to put more of *you* into your response, one technique which you may find useful, would be to keep those model answers and then start again with a blank sheet of paper. Write each question in the centre of a page, then try a brain dump [1]. Usual rules apply, don't disregard anything, just it flow: positive, negative, thoughts, feelings, opinions, fears, hopes, whatever.

Have a break then revisit each page, see if there is anything to add. Repeat break then revisit until you are all done.

Highlight anything you think would *enhance* the answer. Then you are left with the editor's task to work it in seamlessly.

Hope you find this technique useful - it is pretty generally applicable. Cheers Tricia

[1] try Tony Buzan mind map, incase you are not familier with this technique

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