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Rogue Traders

#1 Rogue Traders
11/04/2007 16:19


Just thought I'd introduce a random topic to the forum for a change of scene.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem, but overseeing building work can be a nightmare when you work away from home in the week, and finding reliable builders is a nightmare.

Just wondered what peoples experiences had been with different building companies. Who they would recommend and who they would like to name and shame??

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#2 RE: Rogue Traders
11/04/2007 16:24

The Top Consultant to Anon (#1)

Tell me about it. It seems that you can trust tradesmen as far as you can kick them.

There is no obvious solution as far as I'm aware. However I now produce a 'specification document' for even the most trivial little tasks and ensure that the contract states that I do not have to pay until every requirement is fully satisfied. I even had to do this for getting some repairs done on my car, would you believe it.

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#3 RE: Rogue Traders
11/04/2007 16:46

Gooseberry Building Services to Anon (#1)

Howdy Partners!

Ok, so if your into building companies who end each sentence with 'Yee-Hah' then these guys are the company for you! Ask them why their business card carries the FMB sign when they are not registered on the website, you are assured that their parent company is, but your not told which company this may be. As illusive on the internet as they are in the yellow pages, this gang of Gooseberry Cowboys keep themselves well hidden in the deepest corners of the Wild West (or East Staffordshire and Cheshire)

Lousy workmanship and substandard cheap and nasty materials! Some staff are not even certified and its no wonder they have different staff in your home everyday, it's because they come to their senses over never getting paid and leave the sinking ship! One guy said he had not been paid for 6 weeks, not the kind of unmotivated staff you want building your extension is it?

And as if this company doesn’t already behold enough comedy value.....don't even get me started on their boss, Terry Naylor! I believe this man is still so angry at God for punishing him with the freakiest ginger hair you can imagine, (think male version of Fizz off Corrie, but much worse) that he feels he has something to prove by turning every attempt at an adult conversation into a screaming war of words! This mans obvious feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem causes his temper to be nearly as out of control as his hair…You have been warned!

But seriously now, I am simply writing this because I feel that when people welcome builders into their homes with the promise of making their home improvement dreams come true, you expect that company to treat you and your home with respect. If this stops just one more homeowner becoming victim to their terribly unprofessional and distastefully appalling management, then my experience and time to write this has been well worth it!

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#4 RE: Rogue Traders
11/04/2007 22:14

RIBA to Gooseberry Building Services (#3)

Why not think of employing an architect to supervise work?

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