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First project for a new start

#1 First project for a new start
08/04/2007 21:53

new start

I'm looking to join ACN as an exp hire consultant. I think it's important to make your first project a good one.

What's the best approach of getting onto a project that sounds like the type of work you want to be part of?

Obvious things seem like speaking to your buddy and counsellor, but it's probably not very effective. Anyone can advise what schedulers do?

How long does it normally take after joining before you are out in the field?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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#2 RE: First project for a new start
09/04/2007 01:11

ACN-er to new start (#1)

You’ll have your initial induction, which does not last more than a few days (I think it’s about 2-3). Once that is done, you are essentially on the bench. In terms of choosing you first project - speak to your career councillor first of all and go with his advice. HR will try to put you somewhere without really know too much about the role and nature of work but are more interested in scheduling metrics. One thing I would say is that stay within your practice, e.g. if you are in FS, choose a FS project. They say it won’t make a difference, but I don’t think you’ll be doing yourself any favours by going out of your own operating group and it can be a factor when laddering comes around. So for the first project, I would play it safe.

hope this helps.

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#3 RE: First project for a new start
09/04/2007 02:30

Dan the man to new start (#1)

You don't generally get a choice of projects, especially as a new hire. ACN still isn't great at integrating experienced hires. If you've been hired to work on a specific long-term contract, you're alright. Otherwise, it can take a few months to be deployed.

It's not something your buddy or counsellor help with unless they are able to network you onto a project. Best bet is to make the resource manager aware of your interests and skills, and talk to them regularly to make sure they don't forget you.

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#4 RE: First project for a new start
09/04/2007 23:29

new start to Dan the man (#3)

Thanks all for your feedback.

I'm told by my recruiters they are sold out. Hopefully, it won't as long as several months on the bench. They assured me I'd be deployed within my discipline and operating group.

I'm not from consulting, so not sure who resource managers are and how I hear about work that's available, but I guess I'll find out..

Thanks again

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#5 RE: First project for a new start
10/04/2007 02:43

ACN-er to new start (#4)

there is no chance you will be on bench for that long. there is so much work at hte moment and most projects are under resourced. also you do get a choice of project. choice of project has nothing to do with integration of exp hires. all available roles and projects are listed on the portal and you can log on and apply for any. whether you get them is another matter depending on your skills and experience. scheduling managers (within ACN its "HR" - different from HR that do the recruitmnet) will propose projects to you, but you still have the right to say no.

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