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An honest opinion about consulting!

#1 An honest opinion about consulting!
30/03/2007 22:03


I left a thread on this subject about 5 months ago but all I got was some very sarcastic remarks - so I will try again! I am 42 years of age - am currently studying for an MBA and come from a property finance background. I would like somone out there to please give me an honest opinion as to just how difficult it will be to get a job as a consultant. Am I too old? Will I get a very basic salary which would for obvious reasons prevent me from applying? Thanks to all of you out there who reply.

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#2 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
30/03/2007 23:06

smirky to Daryl (#1)

What type of consulting are you interested in? For example, are you looking to leverage your property finance experience directly, or looking for a completely fresh break?

To generalise (as I don't know what you consider a "basic" salary or what level you are used to operating at) the more you leverage your experience directly, the more likely you can focus it into significant career progression. Making a sideways shift to new sectors and skillsets means your salary is likely to revert to a basic level, although of course your enhanced long term earning potential may compensate for it.

From the way you've phrased the question I've assumed that you aren't looking at the typical route into consulting for individuals of your age, which is to brought in from industry as a director/principal/partner in order to leverage your contacts for high level sales and CRM.

As you say, you are older than many MBA graduates who will come off the programme into Associate hiring schemes. Of course, things are getting evermore sensible these days when it comes to age equality. In addition, many of the reports we hear (including through this site's newsletter) say that consulting employers are more willing in the current climate to look at candidates without consulting experience or with less conventional experience.

There are a lot of unknown variables, such as your personal gravitas, networks, consulting skills, and dare I say the quality of your b-school that can open or close doors to consulting. On the basis of your question here though, I wouldn't be altogether despondant about your chances. You probably need to start focussing on what your USPs are, what type of consulting and consultancy practice would suit you, and so on.

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#3 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
31/03/2007 12:16

Daryl to smirky (#2)

Thanks for the reply. From what you have said I think that my best chances might be getting involved with consulting but sticking to my property finance background/asset management. I was wondering if the ideal route would be to complete the MBA first or to try and get involved now?

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#4 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
31/03/2007 13:03

PAer to Daryl (#3)

I think you should most definately give PA FSP a call. You'd join as a principal consultant ( 2 levels below partner) and be offered a package between 70-100 including and the exact dependant on bonus.

If you have the ability to sell and have a good network then you will make Managing Consultant within a year. If you can hit targets of half a million (including sales credits) not direct sales, then you can do well fer urself in that role. Good luck.

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#5 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
31/03/2007 18:22

anon to Daryl (#3)

I think you'd be best off finishing the MBA first. Although you might be able to get a job without it, especially in the current climate, the MBA on your CV will open doors to future advancement once you are in a consulting role. Should the job market get tough again in the next dip, the MBA investment will be more of an advantage.

There are also the advantages of learning before you need to apply the MBA material as a consultant. It is difficult to find time to study or attend regular classes once you are in a new job and career track, and it would be a shame to waste whatever you have invested in the MBA so far.

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#6 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
01/04/2007 22:47

Daryl to PAer (#4)

I must apologise for being a little ignorant when it comes to consulting companies - but someone suggested that I give PA FSP a ring? I have tried to google this but with no joy. If anyone can let me know what the web address is. Thanks

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#7 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
01/04/2007 23:01

arthur big to Daryl (#6)

PA FSP = PA Financial Services Practise.

PA = Premier UK Consultancy

PA = Winner of the most management consultancy awards.

PA = Top Employer in the times.

PA = Destination of top graduates.

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#8 RE: An honest opinion about consulting!
08/06/2007 22:04

anon to Daryl (#1)

Principal consultant in PA... How is this level matched at acn?

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