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Calling all experienced consultants

#1 Calling all experienced consultants
29/03/2007 23:32


Please, Please help us!

Its the one question that leaves us grads shaking with fear and confusion!

How do you present your analysis of a case study at assessment centres???

Lets face it, most of us are bloody useless and any guidance on how to structure it would be so helpful!

Many Thanks

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#2 RE: Calling all experienced consultants
30/03/2007 10:15

A to HELP!!! (#1)

As long as you say something reasonably intelligent (you have a well thought through arguement), what really matters is your delivery. A few pointers for presentations:-

1. The basics - keep it to around 1 slide per min. As the old saying goes, 'tell them what your going to tell them, tell them it and then tell them what you told them.'

2. Strive to make your presentation SIMPLE yet COMPELLING. Is there a new angle of the case study you can focus on? Do you have some insight that others may not have considered?

3. Avoid the use of statistics - make any figures humanly quantifiable. Eg. there are 12 billion golf balls on the planet, thats 2 for every person in existence.

4. This is an opportunity to sell your self. Tweak your presentation to exploit any specialist knowledge you have.

5. Body language - HANDS OUT OF POCKETS. Remove all coins from your pocket before you start so you can't fiddle with them. Don't move around too much, but don't stand there straight as a pencil. As you introduce your presentation, try taking one step forward and giving an open gesture. This helps you gain some authority and shows the people in the room that you are confident in what you have to say.

I hope this is of some use.

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#3 13th April - workshop on case study technique
30/03/2007 10:33

Tony Restell ( to HELP!!! (#1)

Two weeks from today I'll be giving our next case study class on how to succeed in a case study interview; readers can login to the workshop from anywhere in the world, provided you are using a PC (not Mac) and have a broadband internet connection.

Details at:

<a href=></a>

Hope to see you on the call.

Tony Restell

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#4 RE: 13th April - workshop on case study technique
30/03/2007 10:47

The Top Consultant to Tony Restell ( (#3)

I've heard very good comments about this course Tony mentioned, apparently one guy blitzed his way into Bain after going on it and I've heard a few others tell me it's a 'must' for any aspiring MC. It's excellent value too at around £90 or so - the Bain guy must have got at least a 1,000% return on his investment over the course of a few years or so what with his new high-flying job. If I was new to the industry I would definitely go on it, it looks really good (practical advice etc).

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#5 RE: Calling all experienced consultants
30/03/2007 11:33

HELP! to A (#2)


I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide the above advice. It has given me alot to think about and I already feel more confident about my assessment centre which is fast approaching!


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#6 RE: Calling all experienced consultants
04/04/2007 16:56

Claire to HELP!!! (#1)


Yes, HELP is indeed me!

I just wanted to say that i followed your wonderful advice and Im happy to say i was successful in my assessment centre and start on the ATP scheme at Capgemini in July! Am so over the moon!

Thank you so much for your advice!

And Top Consultant.... if you by chance read this, I cannot thank you enough for all your advice either! Many, many thanks indeed!


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#7 RE: Calling all experienced consultants
04/04/2007 17:07

The Top Consultant to Claire (#6)

Thanks Claire, glad to hear you have a good job lined up. I think you'll be a good addition to their team.

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