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Should I stay or I should I go now??

#1 Should I stay or I should I go now??
28/03/2007 10:28


Hi guys need some help please.

Am currently an analyst with Capita consulting. Been working there for 9 months and am on 31k.

I have an offer to join Deloitte Strategy as an anlayst in September on 31k.

In medium term I want to do strategic work and long term move into industry.

Why stay?

- Been guaranteed promotion by Practice lead to Consultant level in January: 35k and 5 k car allowance - would take me 3 years at Deloitte to get on that

- Very few analysts here, oppotunity to stand out

- Good bonus scheme

- Already won over key managers

- Generally sub-50 hour weeks

- Going to deloitte may be seen as a step back on learning curve - go through same excel courses / PMO admin that I have got through here

Why go?

- Capita is often seen as what some consultants may refer to as a 'local government body shop'

- Chance to work with good M&A team at Deloitte - do some strategic work

- Guaranteed pipeline at Deloitte

- Loads of young grads to socialise with

- Big four brand on CV

- Guaranteed progress at Deloitte - relatively spoonfed

Basically its a case of more money now versus more opportunities later...

Any info from knowledgeable people to help inform decision would be great:

- do Strategy guys at Deloitte get paid more than Ops and EA beyond analyst level... otherwise how are the going to compete with MBBB as I have heard they want to do?

How easy is it to transfer local / central government experience to strategy?

Any other info...

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#2 RE: Should I stay or I should I go now??
28/03/2007 11:09

toilette to confused (#1)

toilette all the way! No doubt. They are already the dogs b*ll*cks when it comes to M&A and any opportunity to get in there should not be missed.

They'd have to pay me 50k to choose Crapita..

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#3 RE: Should I stay or I should I go now??
28/03/2007 11:09

Bob to confused (#1)

Is there any precedent for consultants from Capita moving into a strategy consulting role - with a recognised strategy firm or strategy practice? I can't say categorically, but I suspect not many have achieved such a career move. Do you know of many that have "confused"?

It sounds like you're doing well there at Capita and have a nice consulting lifestyle (sub-50 hour weeks are a real nice to have!). Hence a career change now is not something I would do lightly. However, if you have your heart set on doing strategy work then I suspect you'll need to move. Once you have a few years of government work at Capita on your CV then it's going to be very hard to move into a strategy practice. Possibly if you got an MBA from a top school you might have a shot - but even then I think you'd have pigeon-holed yourself and would be beaten to the post by candidates with a more traditional background.

So the crux of the matter is to figure out if you're dead-set on doing strategy work. Stay put if you're not; move if you are.


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#4 Should I stay or I should I go now??
28/03/2007 11:13

not so sure.. to toilette (#2)

Ignore Toilette. You should grab the money and the promotion and then move on in a year or two. That way you can jump in straight as an SC to CG, PA, Deloitte or wherever.

I assume Capita has different Service areas so you can just dress up your CV to suit the audience. Sounds like you've got a great opportunity to fast track your career...

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#5 RE: Should I stay or I should I go now??
28/03/2007 11:30

confused to Bob (#3)

You're right Bob - not much history of that. Capita draws most of its resource from industry / gov't - proven, experienced professionals who translate their knowledge to consulting. V. few pure consultants / grads who come in and move on to strat firms.

You are right about the balance being a BIG plus, but I'm at the early stage in my career when you're hungry for work and challenges. That may come with promotion but not sure if the work will ever be as innovative as strat.

Thanks for your thoughts Bob..

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