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my network is rubbish

#1 my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 14:35


How do you develop your network, and what types of idebreakers do you use?

I know that my work is good quality, but I struggle to raise awareness of me and my work outside my immediate sphere.

Any tips?


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#2 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 14:56

snarf to mac (#1)

How old are you and what line of consulting do you undertake?

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#3 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 14:58

not sure what you mean to mac (#1)


Could you please explain these?

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#4 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 15:58

mac to not sure what you mean (#3)

I'm 27, Senior Consultant in public sector consulting.

I'm looking for my next promotion but this is my real development area.

Idebreakers = Icebreakers.

Any tips or examples would be appreciated.

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#5 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 16:02

anon to not sure what you mean (#3)

I think s/he meant icebreakers.

These range from comments and questions you can drop to break the ice with someone and get them comfortable talking to you, through to mini "games" to get a group relaxed and willing to open up with each other.

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#6 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 16:17

pest to anon (#5)

Get people to talk about themselves, it's easier than you imagine as long as you use the right questions.

Just ask them what they're upto, what's in the pipeline and where they went on holiday. Make up scenario's and ask them their opinion just to get them bleating on about something they like to talk about - they can't resist.

The killer line is to ensure that when people tell you something that's pretty significant, either positive or negative, ask them how it made them feel. People cannot resist either pooring their heart out or bragging, it's like a floodgate opening.

You sit there and nod, maintaining silence when they stop (because they will continue and you want this), and listening and taking note. This is the easiest way of making a real connection with someone, once they've spilled the beans they'll marvel at your emotional intelligence and will develop positive connections with talking to you.

And best of all, it's the best way to get a woman to sleep with you! They'll deny it in the following posts but believe me, I've 'taken many down to China town' with that one....

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#7 RE: my network is rubbish
26/03/2007 17:38

Monday to pest (#6)

Women eh? A complicated bunch that lot. I've found the old questioning/listening to the answers technique works wonders too. And yes I have been responsible for a meal or two down chinatown. But for unbeatable results I'd have to recommend the maestro himself Mr Andrew Rondeau - Neverending noodles.

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#8 RE: my network is rubbish
27/03/2007 08:42

hmmmmm to deleted (#0)

I disagree Andrew.

They're some pretty heavy questions to be asking someone who is not in your direct sphere - unfortunately we work in an environment where questions like this are sometimes seen as weakness.

And those questions listed seem to relate to performance issues rather than the poster's personal brand.

I think that there is an element of soul searching involved. To be something that you are not at present takes some reflection, consideration and action. It takes alot of effort to build a network, there are no short cuts - apart from a surprise call up to the England team, or a date with Kylie, when everyone will want to talk to you.

I have already mentioned the term personal brand, look at those who you admire and steal some of their traits, work out how you want to be seen and put those skills and opinions forward.

Reinvent yourself and within three months it will all become clear!

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#9 RE: my network is rubbish
27/03/2007 09:01

mac to hmmmmm (#8)

Good work - thanks fellas.

Just gotta start making the effort then...!

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