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Accenture BSI or Deloitte Technology Integration?

#1 Accenture BSI or Deloitte Technology Integration?
22/03/2007 01:20


Hi everyone!

I posted once before on this topic, but I'm really confused!

I have an offer from Deloitte Technology Integration. I tried to fail the Accenture last round interview, because I think I like Deloitte so much... And at the end, I got 2 offers from Accenture!! So, I'm really confused!

It just seemed to me, while I was at Accenture, that the recruitment process did not have the same quality than the one at Deloitte (interviews by the same HR person, not partners like Deloitte, etc.). One room was full of "lab rats", focusing on their computer screen(s) for the whole morning while I was there.

I know the quality of work Accenture accomplishes in IT is quite remarkable. But I would like to have more "strategy" focused work and I think Deloitte, even if it is within Tech. Integration, can offer this! What do you reckon?

From a financial point of view, Accenture gives you more money, but they insisted too much on this, which makes me think they're trying to get graduates' attention with the wrong reasons! Deloitte seemed more professional and I heard this from lots of people who know the consulting field.

I also heard (from an Accenture Analyst) that the IT training was just time lost! I wonder how the training in Tech. Integration is at Deloitte?!

So, would I be making the right choice if I go for Deloitte?

Thanks for your help!

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#2 RE: Accenture BSI or Deloitte Technology Integration?
04/04/2007 11:06

DreamSky17 to Lost! (#1)

Have you got any ideas about Deloitte TI consulting? I also would like to know your concerns for the same reason (opt to learn/do something more business, strategy rather than pure technology).

By the way, I've got the final assessment day with TI consulting soon. Any good advice? Many thanks!

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#3 RE: Accenture BSI or Deloitte Technology Integration?
04/04/2007 12:19

A Mars A Day... to Lost! (#1)

Lost you have answered your own question in the post; you seem very positive about Deloitte, much less so about Accenture. If you join Accenture you will always question the decision; if you join Deloitte you won't even recall having made this posting in a few months. Both are great consulting brands on your CV, but as you had a more positive experience/impression from Deloitte I would suggest taking that offer.

One other thing - you mentioned making an effort to sabotage your interview with Accenture; why even bother to go along? It tells you everything you need to know - you have, subconsciously, made the decision to go to Deloitte and I suspect just need others to tell you that is the right instinct. So go for it with them! You can always try Accenture later in your career (at a more senior level, far away from the "lab rat" experience).

Hope this helps.

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