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#1 Surfing
21/03/2007 16:19


Any Consultants Surf?

Any tips on location for weekends?

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#2 RE: Surfing
21/03/2007 16:24

anon to Hang10 (#1)

Bognor. It's the new bondi. Trust me.

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#3 RE: Surfing
21/03/2007 16:45

Hang 10 to anon (#2)

Really. In the Channel?

Surely you jest?

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#4 RE: Surfing
21/03/2007 17:06

Tony to Hang 10 (#3)

Hey Hang

I used to surf all the time used to live in Oz for a few years.

You should try a trip to Ireland they have spot called the peak with a nice long left and a short punchy right and there are lots of isolated spots on the west coast that are always going off in the winter months mind you, you will need to break out the 3mm wettie boots an all.....

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#5 RE: Surfing
21/03/2007 17:35

Hang10 to Tony (#4)


good stuff - need more than a weekend for that but will take a look

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#6 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 10:38

anon to Hang10 (#5)

I understand there may be some real surfers amongst you lot but the thought of this subject coming up here on this message board fills me with great dread: yet more "city-types" from the capital flying in to Newquay for the weekend to pose with their boards....can't wait.

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#7 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 11:05

God of the beach to anon (#6)

And what exactly do you do Mr Oh-so worthy?

Don't tell me, you're actually a carbon neutral vegan beach bum who has happened across a consulting website and by accident fallen into the career forum.

Bullsh*t, you have no more right to be on a beach than anyone else.

I hate this whole I was here first thing, it's such crap. Unless you were carried by a mermaid the beach is mine as much as yours.

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#8 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 11:25

anon to God of the beach (#7)

As a competition level surfer who used to be able to train on the waves in Devon I'm increasingly finding myself dodging people sitting on their boards posing. So in fact it's a matter of safety and not because I'm a "carbon neutral vegan beach bum". And if you talk to any lifeguard these days they'll tell you they waste a lot of time pulling inexperienced people from the water! So before you judge me maybe you should consider the facts. Oh and I'm a freelance process improvement consultant...

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#9 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 12:35

Richard to anon (#8)

To be honest Anon, you are exactly the type of surfer i hate to see in the water.

Larger numbers of people in the water is just a fact of life now so get over it. Well known and easily accessible beach breaks around Devon are always going to be busy.

The reality is that every experienced surfer knows of numerous breaks around the coast and can easily avoid the crowds . As a "competition level" surfer, you are more then likely going to know of numerous breaks with which most " city types" as you call them are unaware of.

As a "city type" who has been surfing for over 10 years, i have no problem with other people in the water because there's nothing i can do about it.

In response to Hang 10's question and in agreement with Tony, Ireland is an awesome place for a surf trip. "the peak " which Tony referred to is located in Bundoran. The coast between Easkey and Bundoran has some of the best waves in Europe like pampus and Easkey Right. The European Stormriders guide will help you out a lot as it names most of the breaks around that coast

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#10 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 13:31

Jim to Richard (#9)

I couldn't agree more with Richard and God of the Beach.

Surfing seems to be full of these incredibly pretentious types who think they've got the right to have the whole beach to themselves, just because they've been doing it for a few more years than most.

We all find it frustrating when you have a favourite place which suddenly becomes overrun with tourists - the same applies to ski resorts, hotels - the list goes on. However it's just a fact of life and most people learn to live with it!

Surfers are generally quite happy to go on and on about how great their sport is - they are rather naive if they don't think that other people are going to want to give it a try!

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#11 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 16:00

God of the beach to Jim (#10)

Bully for you anon, I used to be a pro rugby player but I don't tell people to shut up at Twickenham and in bars when they clearly don't know what they're talking about. I don't berrate people for not driving at 150mph just because my car can. I don't.....get people like you.

Live and let live, there are different levels within everything we do and it is poor form to become frustrated with those who do not reach the peaks. They're having as much fun as you are you know.

If you go to beaches anywhere in the world they are busy - why don't you go look and leave us alone.

And as for you being freelance I can fully understand, I wouldn't want to work with you either!

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#12 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 16:11

yozers to God of the beach (#11)

God of the Beach - I like you we could be mates!

Who did you play for?

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#13 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 16:16

Anon to God of the beach (#11)

Guys...guys...chill. Look the honest truth is I completely agree with you and was just seeing how people react as I came across someone with that attitude last summer while near Croyde. The reality is that I've only been surfing for 5 years or so...long way off being pro! Anyway, never had a problem until last summer so thought I'd see how people react. But absolutely agree with you all that you've got to learn somewhere! Enjoy your time at the beach.

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#14 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 20:40

Tony to Anon (#13)

Hey all

Whats the big deal with Newquay anyway?? Its so crowded and full of tourists I actually agree with both sides as a beginner your totally oblivious too the needs and feelings of experienced surfers all you wanna do is catch a wave and feel that rush. And locals want to keep it their wave so its a difficult one to approach. What I would say after years of traveling in search of good waves is exactly that travel many times the joy of surfing is about the travel and the people you meet and the joy of walking down to find it 6ft clean off shore long lefts (if your natural footed) and its empty.

After that all the BS just fades away........

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#15 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 21:16

Jonny Utah to Tony (#14)

"joy of walking down to find it 6ft clean off shore long lefts (if your natural footed) and its empty."


Like, yeah, surfer dude, it's rad to use surf talk on a consulting careers forum.

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#16 RE: Surfing
22/03/2007 23:48

mIKE to Jonny Utah (#15)

Point Break?

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#17 RE: Surfing
23/03/2007 08:48

Jay to mIKE (#16)

Wooaah there! Everyone seems to be taking this all far too seriously. It doesn't matter if you're experienced/not - I'm always learning but as I'm close to my happiest in the ocean feel no justification in critising others trying to attain any personal sense of freedom/escapism from the city.

Everybody had to learn once - just be sure you know the rules. If you're a beginner please chat to people in the water - explain you're a newbie, and you may be surprised how much leeway you'll be given.

In response to hang10, saunton/croyde are about the closest breaks to the city for anything decent. Saunton is a huge beach so you can always find some space. There have been some great conditions over the autumn/winter but now getting into wrong time of year for anything consistent - check the charts - try & to begin getting ideas of how to read them...but don't rely on them...enjoy

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#18 RE: Surfing
23/03/2007 09:10

Jonny Utah to Jay (#17)

Points go to mIKE!

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