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Advice for becoming a Great Analyst

#1 Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
17/03/2007 00:55

Graduating Soon


I'll be joining a strategy firm as an Analyst after graduation.

They have a good mix of corporate/business unit strategy work as well as doing a lot of commercial due diligence for private equity clients etc.

I would like to gain any tips on how to become a great Analyst.

If you were to start all over again, what would you do different at Analyst level?

For example, any tips on how to get your work noticed by the people who count?

Also, any tips on how to handle CDD projects?

Thanks very much!

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#2 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
18/03/2007 19:26

Graduating Soon to Graduating Soon (#1)

No advice out there for making a good start to a career in MC?

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#3 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
19/03/2007 07:27

Give us a chance to Graduating Soon (#2)

Tip 1 - Don't expect an instant response if you post on a weekend. Some of us have lives, you know..

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#4 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
19/03/2007 10:03

richard to Give us a chance (#3)

No need for the smart-ass comments! They really do not make you look good!

Its good to see an aspiring MC ask questions on how to really excel in their jobs - rather than the countless postings on starting salaries etc.

3 Tips to get you started:

1. You have to ensure that you are a valuable team-member from Day 1.

Your colleagues will be very busy people, don't just complete your tasks, try and make time to assist them on theirs, it will build up a lot of goodwill.

2. Be confident in expressing your opinion -

As an Engagement Manager, I welcome the views of my Analysts - as long as they are well-thought out.

3. Take advantage of the informal training available -

Training is much more than the graduate induction period. The most valuable lessons are learned on the job. Do not feel shy in asking for guidance from you peers - they have to do this to ensure that Analysts can progress with their careers.

Good luck for your career in consulting, it'll be hard work, but it is a very rewarding profession.

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#5 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
22/03/2007 16:06

anon to richard (#4)

Hello Everyone,

As a finalist myself, I find Richard's ideas very useful, thanks for that!

I was wondering how important networking and playing politics are at a graduate level.

For me, networking seems v.similar to playing politics though.

Any advice on this would be great!


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#6 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
22/03/2007 16:15

Sparky to richard (#4)

Agree with Richard's third point. Take all the training you can get. Some will send you too sleep but some might just come in handy one day.

Richard you sound like you want to get out a bit more. Ever been to a pub?

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#7 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
22/03/2007 16:39

Graduating Soon to Sparky (#6)

Thanks Richard & Sparky for the tips on training, I'll try and take those on board.

I was wondering if there are any other issues grads should focus on in order to make a good start?

Hope to hear more views and opinions from the experienced consultants....


Graduating Soon

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#8 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
22/03/2007 17:42

Tony Restell ( to Graduating Soon (#7)

My top tips would be:

1) Make promises about what you will deliver and then make sure you deliver the expected results on time and without any excuses or shortcomings. An analyst who takes on an aspect of a project and delivers exactly what they promised to deliver will increasingly be trusted and given more and more critical project components to work on; one who keeps coming up short will not gain anything like the same trust and managers will feel they have to be constantly monitored rather than being someone that things can be delegated to with confidence

2) the above applies ten times more if the promise has been made to a member of the client organisation rather than your own project team. Always exceed expectations on the client side. A client that speaks highly of you to your consulting superiors will go a long way to securing you fast track promotion.

3) Learn to ask questions that extract valuable information / insights from the executives you interact with; and learn to be a great listener.

4) Whenever you are on the bench (ie. not out working on a client assignment), find ways that you can get involved in marketing the business - either by working on a client pitch or doing something else that gets the firm into the limelight. Again a junior that secures a firm good media coverage or works on a client pitch that results in a new assignment will often be well on the way to fast-tracking their career.

5) Try to get yourself onto projects such that you are one of the top 25% of billers (in terms of utilisation rate achieved) in your intake. If you're on the bench then don't rest easy until you've got yourself onto a billable project or found yourself another valuable means of using this unbilled time (see point 4)

I think I could go on well into the night with this response!! So let me leave it at that and hopefully spark some other contributions

Best of luck

Tony Restell

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#9 RE: Advice for becoming a Great Analyst
29/03/2007 01:43

AP to Tony Restell ( (#8)

Networking is a skill that you'll need to master as an MC.

You'll network with fellow grads during your induction, with your team mates & clients during projects.

Networking will help you find interesting projects whilst you are an MC and hopefully some useful contacts in industry should you decide to jump ship....

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