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Building muscle / brawn

#1 Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 09:58

Mr Nervous

Hello everyone. You may remember me from earlier posts. I'm the weedy, unassertive, tall/thin consultant who slouches and speaks with a high pitched voice.

I've taken on your advice from earlier posts, it's working well, and I'm back for more.

I'd now like to build up a bit of muscle / brawn. My physique leaves something to be desired. I have the upper body strength of an 8 year old boy. Whilst I quite fancy the idea of having a torso like Arnie, in practice I'll settle for anything that just pads me out a bit.

I can't afford fancy gym membership, but I do have some light dumbbells (15kg each).

Please can you recommend a training programme I can follow, which will give good results and which I'm likely to be able to sustain. It is important that the programme doesn't rely on 80Kg squat bars or the like, since I just don't have those facilities. I know there's no easy way to gain muscle, but any practical tips would help. I already eat like a horse by the way, I think I must have a very fast metabolism because the calories I eat just don't translate into bulk (and when I do eat even more, I just end up with a big belly, not huge arms/chest). Thank you.

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#2 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 10:33

Van Damme to Mr Nervous (#1)

Do as many as many press-ups in a row as you can every morning. It only takes a few minutes or so and if you make sure you do this every day, you'll keep getting better and better. This will bulk up your shoulders, triceps and will also improve your abs. Even if you can only do 5 just now, you will reap the benefits in weeks. To track your progress just write down how much you managed each day.

Minimal investment, great return.

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#3 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 11:08

Brawn Man to Mr Nervous (#1)

You can pick chose the kind of equipment you have on the left, what muscle you want to target on the right and it gives you exercises to do !!!!

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#4 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 12:54

The Guns to Brawn Man (#3)

Ok, I don't have enough info on your schedule to give a full workout regime but I can suggest some exercises that you can pick and choose from - always remember its good to mix up your routine, and to give it a complete makeover after every month of two. Because most of these don't rely on large weights, I would suggest maybe 3 or 4 sets of as many reps as you can manage, but its really a learning process so it might take a little while till you get a comfortable routine: (also a word of caution, do a google of any terms I use that you don't understand so that you don't injure yourself!)

Legs (quads) - one legged squats, working up to holding the dumbbells

Legs (hamstrings) - use your dumbells to do a straight legged deadlift

Legs (calf) - one legged, stand up on your tiptoes, hold and return, holding the dumbbells

NB. Legs are THE most important muscle in the body to build up.

Abs - any variation of situps and crunches

Lower back - Lying on your front, lift your upper body slightly off the floor using the back muscles

Chest and triceps - press ups or dips (there are also various individual tricep exercises that can be done with dumbbells)

Upper back and biceps - ideally get yourself a pullup bar, alternatively bicep curls and with the dumbbells try a one arm row

Final point to mention. You may think you're eating like a horse, but if you're serious about building muscle and are doing these exercises properly, you will need to eat more like a rhino!

I hope that helps a bit. Still probably best to contact some more professional advice but I've gained all this from a lot of research while I was losing about 5 stones of weight (while holding down a strat job so it is possible!). I realise compared to the usual topics on this forum I now sound like a total meathead, but I understand your situation completely (although slightly in reverse!) - I lost weight not to look like Arnie, but to get back to playing the level of squash I had been, and would describe my aim/what I achieved as an 'athletic' figure.

It takes effort, but good luck!

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#5 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 13:06

Quo vadis to The Guns (#4)

What next ? Advice on coping with ED ?

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#6 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 13:09

Anon to Mr Nervous (#1)

You might try repetitious stretching of your favourite muscles, I'm sure you'd enjoy it...and it would make a change from pulling other peoples' plonkers!

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#7 RE: Building muscle / brawn
14/03/2007 14:57

Mr Nervous to The Guns (#4)

The Guns - Thank you. I am going to set up a Hotmail account and will publish the details later so we can chat off-line. I really appreciate your support.

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