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ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview

#1 ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview
08/03/2007 15:45


Hi all,

I have 1 1st Round interview at ACN BSi coming up and would appreciate some feedback on what to expect, and general tips in handling the ACN culture. Which case studies you had?

Maybe someone out there has just done the same interview?

Your help would be gratefully appreciated.

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#2 RE: ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview
11/03/2007 18:28

rob to Snoopy (#1)

Hi Snoopy,

Let me share with you a case framework that helped me to land a job at one of the top firms.

(1) FIRST - Initial Thought/Analysis

The objective is to create a statement of understanding and to let the interviewer knows that you are not easily fooled to take up his bait.

Ask for questions. Say something like: That is a very interesting question, however before I proceed there are few issues or clarification that I wish to seek from you".

- Understand the firm

- Rephrase the question

- Understand keywords in the question such as "same-store"

- Understand the objectives

Finally: say the case statement and ask whether the parameter of the same is correct

(2) SECOND - Core Analysis

Avoid Forceframework approach! - Never ever recite the framework's name such as Porter's 5 Forces, what you need is to simply use and apply them.

My advice:

(i) Start with the industry top view/ big picture analysis and economics such as market trend, grwoth, size etc.

(ii) The framework, such as CBA, Value Chain. Porters etc etc. Practice alot. Remember that you can even apply CBA vs Value Chain. For example, Cost & Benefits of Combined Inventory Management etc etc.

Ask questions on the elements of your framework. Tactically ask whether you are on the right track.

Always explain how would you gather the information from. Practice quoting sources such as (secondary)internally generated reports, analyst reports, Trade Association journals etc etc.

(primary) interviews, Q&A

Do not forget the financials such as ROI, cost etc.

(3) THIRD - Strategy solution/recommendation

Make your recommendations.

(4) Further Analysis

Always remember to conclude with this part. There are probably other issues that the client need to consider such as current capabilities or revisiting its objectives.



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#3 RE: ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview
17/03/2007 16:28

marco to Snoopy (#1)

hi snoopy.. i succeded at first .. waiting for second round...

my advices...

dress properly, it will boost your confidence.

show your enthusiasm

why accenture?

why IT?

research accenture: knows op. groups, 9 different functions, +company values.

u need to b able to name competitors, distinguish between man consultancies, technology etc..

the case study is very short. is about a high street bank losing market to internet banks..

be logical , identify issues both technolgy and customer relations..

other questions u need to expect..

a time when u made wrong decisions

a time when u were in disagree with ur boss

a time when u had to adapt to changes around u..

anyway i am looking for help with accenture second round please

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#4 RE: ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview
26/03/2007 23:00

linchi to Snoopy (#1)

One thing I did and I really think it was a goal! know they send you who is going to interview you. Well what i did was to google their names and I managed to get some articles or reports the wrote and read them all, and i made sure i commented on that..i wish u luck

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#5 RE: ACCENTURE UK - 1st Round GRAD Interview
27/03/2007 10:32

anon to Snoopy (#1)

Beware of the killer question! Most grad interviews have them. you know, the one u cant possibly answer but they want to see how you cope under pressure.

At ACC mine was ' how many flat screen monitors do you think there are in the uk?'

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