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Why us?

#1 Why us?
05/03/2007 15:54


What are good ways to answer the "why are you leaving your current job" and "why us" questions, assuming that you're moving for more money and the two jobs/companies are basically the same? I always feel like the recruiters are expecting me to come up with some fantastic response explaining how I've always yearned to work for company XYZ since I was 10 years old.

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#2 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 17:48

ss to 1 (#1)

More money, same job, similar company is not a good reason to move.

Still if you must then how about broadening your experience, meeting some new people, working with new clients etc..

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#3 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 18:10

1 to ss (#2)

If more money isn't not a good reason to move... then what is?? (genuine question)

I like what I do so type of job or company isn't an issue.... assuming other people also like their jobs, does anyone really move for reasons other than pay (other than redundancy etc)?

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#4 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 18:26

Anon to 1 (#3)

I work as an MC recruiter at a Big 5 company. I would say 95% of people who I interview say that money is not a motivator. Most people say the same things in these questions.. variety of work, want a change, existing job bores them ect.

When it comes to offering candidates packages, I would say 95% of people reject offers that are below their existing packages....

I can only therefore assume that people go to work to make money. Simple as that.

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#5 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 18:32

MoneyMad to 1 (#3)

For those of us who interview people, this is an open question that allows you to hear the interviewee's prepared response. The best responses, in my opinion, allow a discussion to develop regarding the values and work-related opinions of the applicant.

Very few people leave a company purely for the money. What is the real reason for you? Not enough opportunities for advancement? Not enough variety? Not enough recognition? What additional behaviours are you willing to exhibit for the extra money?

The skill needed is to present the information as something positive to be sought and experienced in the new company, without dissing the old one. If a company believes you are moving on simply because of money, what's to stop you doing the same to them in a few months' time?

Companies typically feel really good about new hires, so it's probably always a good idea to keep that feeling going for as long as possible!

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#6 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 18:50

1 to MoneyMad (#5)

I really do like where I work but at the end of the day they're not paying me enough and, even though I'm rated as a good performer, they are basically too thrifty to hand out a half-decent annual raise or promotion (also, my responsibilities have been increasing but my pay has not). The general cost of living is rising and I can't afford to stand still. Their great working environment has a real monetary value to me, but it doesn't compensate for the extra salary I could get elsewhere. My wife is nagging me to earn more.

Given this, how should I answer the two questions in the original post?

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#7 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 19:39

Boxershorts to 1 (#6)

I read somewhere about a survey on this very topic. Their conclusions were that money is not the main motivator. It came in around 7th, after things like job satisfaction, environment, W-L balance, recognition, advancement prospects (which, if you take it to the logical extension, is about more money), responsibility, etc.

So money is not a motivator. But it IS a demotivator. That is to say, if you have enough money it's all good. If you are not being paid enough, you will be dissatisfied and are likely to move on.

In terms of the interview, do mention money (a couple of posts here show that the interviewer has heard this all before, so money has to come into it), but put it in context of your commitments and standard of living, as well as the new challenges and career prospects that you can see stretching you with this firm.

There has to be something that attracts you to the firm anyway, besides money ... on balance they all pay similar for similar grade.

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#8 RE: Why us?
05/03/2007 22:07

gb to Boxershorts (#7)

People take jobs because of the money. They leave because of the people.

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