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Deloitte Consulting

#1 Deloitte Consulting
06/01/2003 00:00

Nick Bourne

I am about to undergo a Deloitte Consulting case study interview and was wondering whether anyone had any insights into their style of questioning, what they are looking for etc - as well as how much maths will be involved. I would also like to find some online practice examples - have already looked at the McKinsey site.

Many thanks.

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#2 Re: Deloitte Consulting
06/01/2003 00:00

Matt Agar

Hi, I've been with DC in the UK for a couple of years.

Don't expect any maths in either of the rounds - maybe just some percentages, or being able to spot trends/anomolies from a table of numbers

DC (soon to become Braxton - make sure you know all the recent history) is very personality focused, and prides itself on its 'collegiality' i.e. working with a client, rather than doing it to a client. Therefore, just be yourself: show you understand consulting and sell yourself on your varied and interesting experiences.

When you get to the second round, you'll need to show you have confidence and the skills to recognise and handle group dynamics (but not necessarily assume leadership).

Best case study web-page I ever found was from Boston Consulting Group - but American based:

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#3 Re: Deloitte Consulting
07/01/2003 00:00

Nick Bourne

Many thanks Matt - will let you know how I get on!

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#4 Re: Deloitte Consulting
10/01/2003 00:00

Marco Schiavo

If you're looking at a new job, can we have a chat? 01932-848100

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#5 Re: Deloitte Consulting
10/01/2003 00:00

Karen Leadbetter

I worked for DC for 4 years and like many consultants was involved in the recruitment process. The previous comment is very true - the biggest part of the interview is finding out what you are really like and whether or not you are likely to fit into the corporate culture. This isn't as scary as it sounds! So definitely follow the previous advice - and just be yourself. With regard to the case study - DC will be looking for you to spot obvious problems and issues. If you have a vague idea of how businesses operate then you're unlikely to find it too challenging. Just use logic and common sense and you'll be fine. Don't over complicate it. Try and look at the case study from a number of different perspectives to prevent yourself from taking a blinkered view. Remember that most consulting projects would start with a review to gather data and challenge assumptions - and that would most likely be the best initial step for the case study you will be presented with. Good luck!

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#6 Re: Deloitte Consulting
10/01/2003 00:00

Chris Wicks

Are you interested in people who have interviews with DC in general, or just his case? Because I could give you a call as well.

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#7 Re: Deloitte Consulting
15/01/2003 00:00

speedy gonzalez

Maybe you should check Search for Deloitte and go to the message board. There are a lot of "happy" or "not so happy" DC employees, who can answer your questions. I´m working now for 2 years for DC and right now it´s a difficult time to be to happy,especially in UK, where they have fired 10% of the employees. Apart of that DC is not the worst company.

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#8 Re: Deloitte Consulting
10/02/2003 00:00



I can see from the messages that DC is recruiting. Do you know if they are looking for Change Management consultants?



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#9 Re: Deloitte Consulting
11/06/2003 00:00


HI Nick,

found you here of all places, after doing a web search.

Lost your info, like to talk to you.

Mail me or call 610-759-2513


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