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Business Needs Name

#1 Business Needs Name
03/01/2003 00:00

Dr. Kaliher, Ph.D.

I need your input to name a new General Business Operations Consulting Company. I am seeking a short descriptive name.

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#2 Re: Business Needs Name
05/01/2003 00:00

robert amine

hello i am a marketing consultant with a great deal of experience in corporate branding. Tell me more about the company and i can come up with some names/logo designs

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#3 Re: Business Needs Name - Robert Amine
06/01/2003 00:00


My email is

The focus is business operations consulting. Small to mid-size companies. Broad range skill set is offered.

Structure - mission, culture, core competencies

Accounting procedures -

Strategic drivers, strategy,

Customer relations management coupled with employees and communications.

Basically, I tell a business owner how to make fundamental improvements in the business.

Right Focus Defined Direction Core Improvements

Focus Factor

are currently under the Thinking Cap

P.S. A woman owned business consulting venture

Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated.

Jacquel Kaliher

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#4 Re: Business Needs Name - Robert Amine
09/01/2003 00:00


I'm into all that Japanese samurai bushido stuff. There is an ancient japanese sword art could Iaido. Basically, the samurai draws his sword and strikes and enemy down in one fluid motion. Its based on a principle called ordered flexibility, which explains why water always finds the path of least resistance when going down a hill. Based on this crazy stuff I think Iaido is metaphor for the way you symbiotically relate with your client deliver real sustainable value.

Iaido 'fundemantal business improvement in one fluid motion'

Its also makes a good mystical story when u introduce your company during the standard board level presentation. Weve had many a laff on our MBA course about how we would get a real samurai into a presentation and the CEO would 'how would you deal with the risks faciing my organisation'. Our samurai would then draw his sword and chop up a strawman and I'd say thats how we deal with business risk. No mercy and quicker than anyone else could.

I'm never going to be able to start a company but Ive always dreamed I'd name it in line with the above. So its all yours.

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#5 Re: Business Needs Name
10/01/2003 00:00

Marco Schiavo

How about GBOC?

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#6 Re: Business Needs Name - Robert Amine
27/02/2003 00:00


One day, sitting at my desk and talking to a good friend on the telephone, I noticed on my wall map a Japanese city called Fukuoka.

Needless to say, and without intending any offence to my readers, I mispronounced it when I said to my aforementioned friend "Golly, old chap, do you know there is a place in Japan called F***-you-okay?"

"Don't be daft", he replied, "Its pronounced Foo-koo-oh-kaa and British Airways flies there."

"Well", I said, "if ever I need a company name, that's what I am going to use."

"I bet you won't get THAT past Companies House!" he replied.

"I bet I can," came my response.

"A decent meal says you won't!" he said.

And so it was that, several months later, I had a most interesting conversation with one of the minions at Companies House who, after much stifled sniggering and a preliminary refusal to register, later rang me back to ask "Is this some new Japanese management method like that just in time stuff - you know - Khazi or something?"

"Yes" I said, very tongue in cheek.

"Name granted" he replied, "Madam Registrar wouldn't want anyone to think we Welsh are racist or anything!"

Fukuoka Consulting Ltd sticks in clients' minds wonderfully . . . once they have been taught the correct pronunciation, and the free lunch was excellent!

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