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Why will nobody give me a chance??

#1 Why will nobody give me a chance??
03/01/2003 00:00

Scott Duncan

I am 23 years old, and I have just finished an MSc in Management at the University of Leicester, for which I got a distinction. Great...or so I thought. After applying to ALL of the strategy consulting firms I was rejected by every single one! Why is this? And more importantly how do I get in? I'm bright, clever, and extremely determined, but I can't get an interview. I think it may be because I have 20 UCAS points, but that was due to a family bereavement, and my track record since then has shown my true potential. What should I do? Re-take all my A levels so i have the 26 points necessary??? Please help me!! Thank-you.

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#2 Re: Why will nobody give me a chance??
06/01/2003 00:00

Nick Bourne


Well done on your degree etc. I have been through similar circumstances regarding getting continual rejections - 75+ over the past 2 years. Do not take the rejections personally - it is more a reflection of the market than on you. I just kept plugging away - got a first, got good work experience, etc - just build that CV. And you can get anything, you've just got to be prepared to work hard for it - and get involved. Try and build contacts - just call up these firms and have a chat with someone - they will either tell u to bugger off, or you will find a nice person (in general they're all nice and very willing to help you) - this can open new avenues you did not know existed.

So my advice would be to stick at it. After 2 years of my rejection status becoming a standard joke at university - I now have interviews with half a dozen firms - and my friends do not! Just go for it - the UCAS points matter to the shallow firms - the firms that you will flourish at are the ones who look beyond the grades to a well-rounded person, etc - why not go travelling for 6 months and come back when things might have changed, you have nothing to lose?

Best of luck!

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#3 Re: Why will nobody give me a chance??
07/01/2003 00:00


I agree with Nick actually. I've been treading the boards all through 2002 struggling to make ends meet as a freelancer even with some 5 years exp, ex-pwc, the usual story... there comes a time where its not worth wasting anymore time and stress on the damn thing. Your've obviously been busy at school recently so go round your character on an adventure somewhere - the people inside these companies are people too and they'll relate to you more readily if you have a few interesting stories beside how hard you just studied. Personally, 3mths is a more acceptable away period for me.

Anyway, welcome to your first piece of consultancy - how to find a client/job in a down market!!!

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#4 Re: Why will nobody give me a chance??
09/01/2003 00:00

Donato Piccinno

Looks like your joining the ranks of 70% of Leicester MBA course who have just graduated. U need to get experience of process change to complement your excellent education. It does not have to be a consultancy. Most of the big firms have got thru significant restructure of the past 2 years. Recruitment into these firms is like a rugby ball at the mo. Graduate intake is down so experience or someone on the inside counts more than a degree or A levels. There are loads of junior business analyst jobs in other firms, which create a career path into project management and consultancy. Look at SMEs, FMCG, retailers, financial services, manufacturing firms and automotive firms. They all operate functions that they try to constantly improve. 4 years in a role learning about mgt, supply chain, honing your soft skills and delivering process change will put gold nuggets on the old CV.

Good Luck.

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#5 Re: Why will nobody give me a chance??
13/01/2003 00:00


1. Consulting markets are struggling and the strategy houses are the ones that are hit the hardest. If they recruit these days they recruit networks (high fliers with contacts) not resources.

College recruiting is therefore almost equal to zero.

2. Strategy houses also work functionally; id. your functional area (mkt, fin/bank/, HR, Info, IT) and apply for industry jobs in that area. Or, relax, you are 23, travel, learn Mandarin.

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#6 Re: Why will nobody give me a chance??
15/01/2003 00:00

speedy gonzalez


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