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Consultancy or Industry

#1 Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 10:37


Hi all, I really need your help.

Just finished my EMBA and now I have to decide between consultancy (ATK, s. associate) and a good management position (department director) in my Telco company (one of the 3 most important vendors).

I'm really confused, so I would really appreciate you feedback.

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#2 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 11:13

anon to john (#1)

well, how many hours are you willing to work first of all?

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#3 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 14:50

guan to john (#1)

make sure you know your specific career path. may be you need some suggestion from a consultant in advance

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#4 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 15:04

hmmm to guan (#3)

always a challenging one. Often a couple of years with a top tier strategy consulting firm can accellerate the career by 5 years. Is ATK really viewed as a tier 1 player. That is the question. If it was BCG/BAIN/McK/Booz I would say definitely consulting. ATK is a marginal, much as they are an excellent company in real terms.

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#5 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 15:53

anon to hmmm (#4)

"Often a couple of years with a top tier strategy consulting firm can accellerate the career by 5 years"

I agree with this but it makes me ask another question.... Why the rush? Life's not a race!

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#6 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 16:20

john to anon (#5)

Well, it isn'a a rush.

I'm just focusing on learning process.

To be a better manager which is the best choice for me?

I like telco market, but at the sam time I do think that working in consultancy can broad my knowledge and improve my approach to business

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#7 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 16:56

Mr G Gekko esq. to john (#6)

But it is a race - the faster you climb the quicker you get there and the more time you have to enjoy yourself.

It's a rat race of course and there are many sacrifices but it's so adictive.

I had a 40% pay rise to moe into my current role last year and I'm already thinking about what's next.

If it's out there I want it, and I'm going to do whatever I need to so that it happens.

I don't know any other way.

I don't understand how some people are happy or satisfied or even just cope with a life that plods along.

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#8 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 17:06

john to Mr G Gekko esq. (#7)

Lige is not just money and power at is much more.

However it is not the focus of my thread, I just wanted some suggestions on how improving my business knowledge.

If you are a tipycal consultant maybe it is better to keep on working for my company. I don't want to be rude, it is just a thought on narrowness of some people.

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#9 RE: Consultancy or Industry
27/02/2007 22:03

P to john (#8)


I joined ATK last year after finishing my MBA and with prior work experience in industry. While I party agree that ATK does not have the overall prestige of MBB. ATK does compete head-on with MBB firms for clients / project and wins in some markets. Its reputation has taken a bit of a battering in past years but it changed signifacntly since its MBO last year and the atmosphere in the office is buzzing, entepreneurial and busy.

I too considered going back into a general management role but chose consultancy. The hours, while long at times, are actually similar to really interesting industry roles. I went for consultancy as it offered me the opportunity to experience a wide range of industries and functions, and it is a great opportunity to embed all of the learning post-MBA. I don't believe that in industry you'll get and opportunity to operate in all these areas while you still remember your MBA content. I chose ATK because everyone I met durin ghte recruitment process and since has been smart, personable and non-arrogant.

And so far I'm loving it! But in the end hte choice is yours - I'm sure you'll make the right decision for yourself - but I hope to see you round the office some day.



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#10 RE: Consultancy or Industry
02/03/2007 20:53

Anon to john (#1)


I've had a pretty varied career - industry, academia (post-grad), consulting and then back recently into industry. I enjoyed consulting enormously and without boring you with the full story, I went back to industry because the offer and timing were good. What I did find when I moved back to industry was how much 'easier' it was - not that things aren't often stressful and demanding, it's just that what I learned in consulting (structuring problems, clarity of thought, analytical techniques, attention to detail, tell-it-as-it is doesn't get you sacked! etc. etc..) allow me to enjoy it more. So... if you have the chance to get some consulting experience, my advice would be go for it. It will be everything (good & bad) that you can read on these postings and my advice would be don't be too calculating about it in terms of career/salary progression - just do it for the experience. If you love it stay there, if not, move into industry knowing you've had a good time a learned a lot.

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