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Case Study Interviews at Accenture

#1 Case Study Interviews at Accenture
01/01/2003 00:00

Kojo Kwayisi

I have my final interview for an Analyst position with Accenture coming up but I have never before taken part in a case study interview. Could anyone give me any advice?


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#2 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
02/01/2003 00:00



These interviews require you to read over a document or 'case study' on an area that will tie in to what you are being interviewed for. For example, if you are interviewing to be an analyst in Marketing, they may give you a case study asking you about how you would go about planning the marketing a new mobile phone or new drinks brand (for example). You just have to talk through your response to the case study for approx 45 mins to an hour, and show your thorough knowledge of marketing (or whatever you have applied for), show you have a logical thought process in developing what you are saying, you have the confidence to follow up on your points made when questioned (rather than give up on your points), and that you are a confident and able human being. They are also looking to see how you can think on your feet, as by this stage they will be impressed with you as a person, and your academic abilities to date, so they are now just testing a little of how your mind will work in the work place. Good Luck!

Hope this helps,


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#3 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
02/01/2003 00:00

Donato Piccinno

Frame your thoughts and conclusions using these kind of techniques




Look for sources of discontinuity ie any form of innovation or change that renders the competencies within organisation useless.

Identify core rigidities ie processes, behaviours, knowledge ,people, assets or systems that prevent the organisation from facing the challenges caused by discontinuity. Come up with an incremental pragmatic strategy to reduce the impact of core rigidity

Identify how the organisation can acquire distinctive competencies ie processes, behaviours, knowledge ,people, assets or systems that enable the organisation to exploit challenges caused by discontinuity better than their competition could ever do.

Dont talk jargon.

Have fun.

Meet new people.

Tackle the cause of issues and not the symptons

Forget about using exact quantitative measures to prove your point u have not got time.

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#4 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
02/01/2003 00:00

Lon Blumenthal

Doing a case study interview may sound scarey, but it is not. You will be asked to describe an experience where you faced a significant challenge, what you did to meet the challenge, and what the results were. So think though a few of these experiences in your background and write out your response as preparation. Be able to "tell the story" in clear, short language, keeping to the facts. During the story, the interviewer will stop you and ask probing questions: how did you feel? what did you do next? what were the risks? who's help did you need? who was the most senior person you interacted with ...... like that. The key is to be direct, honest, candid. Speak straight to the question. The worst thing you can do is to be vague, to wander, to hem and haw..... Accenture is looking for people to can think on their feet, be independent, and handle things with little supervision. How do I know all of this? I worked at Accenture for 3 years and when through this interview process when I joined. Good luck.

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#5 What is this years Case Study specifically?
02/01/2003 00:00

anon london

Does anyone know what the case study is related to this year for the analyst position? there must have been a few thousand people that have taken the second round graduate interview by now.

I understand it was based on a budget airline last year and an internet property portal the previous year. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! happy job hunting

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#6 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
03/01/2003 00:00


All the previous points are valid, the main problem I see from a recruiters point of view is that candidates can get freaked out by the maths bit. If the case is anything like ours practice your algebra (e.g. simultaneous equations) and business related maths (e.g. break even analysis) so that you don't fall into this trap.

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#7 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
03/01/2003 00:00

Mel Mathias

Hi Kojo,

Found an interesting paper on case study interview - follow the link.

All the best for the interview.


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#8 What about the first round? ? ?
04/01/2003 00:00

Reject Boy


I have my 1st round Accenture interview coming up soon. Does anyone have any good tips for that one? I am slightly worried that they may start asking me detailed technical questions about javascript or something. Do they concentrate a lot on your business knowledge/knowledge of consulting? or is it more based around your own work experience and extra-curricular stuff?

Also, how soon do you get to find out whether you are through to the next stage? And do they give you much time to prepare for the 2nd round i.e. should I be preparing for that as well, just in case, or jump that hurdle when I come to it?

Cheers guys.

(And Happy New Year btw.)

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#9 Re: What about the first round? ? ?
04/01/2003 00:00


At my first round interview I wasn't asked anything technical, just questions about what I had put on my application form, competency based questions and questions about my perceptions of consultancy and Accenture. I found out I got through to the next stage through a telephone call a week later. I had 4 weeks between finding out about that I had got through to the next stage and the assessment itself - though this could just be a result of the Christmas and New Year holidays falling between. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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#10 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
06/01/2003 00:00


Dont worry too much about models. Use your common sense, try to gain an understanding of what the situation in the case study is. What are the success and failure factors. What is the initial proposition of the course of actionbeing taken, what are the possible outcomes. How would you improve the situation. What is the bottom line.

If you aim to get answers to these kinds of questions in your head i think you are 70% there. Dont use jargon or buzz words. Dont try to be too clever.

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#11 wel done
06/01/2003 00:00


nice one on getting a final round. I have mine coming up soon, cheers to all the people who left tips on the site so far! anymore are welcome!

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#12 Re: Donato Piccinno - PEST 7s???
06/01/2003 00:00


What is PEST 7s?? You referred to this in your response to Accenunture Case Study.

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#13 Re: Donato Piccinno - PEST 7s???
09/01/2003 00:00

Donato Piccinno

PEST is a way at looking at an organisation's external environment and brainstorming political, economic, social and technical influences. Its a scanning exercise to identify forces that may present challenges of opportunities for the organisation.

7s is the Mckinsey model for looking at internal and external forces that a strategy must exploit or mitigate risk incurred. I'm sure if u do a search on the web you'll find loads of information.

PEST and 7s are frameworks to get a feel for what the organisation in the case study is up against or needs to focus on.

All this stuff is MBA course material

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#14 Re: Case Study Interviews at Accenture
19/05/2003 00:00

Prem Patel


my 2nd round interview is next week, and I was just wandering if anyone has already been to the 2nd round interview this year. If so, what Case Interviews were you given.


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