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Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?

#1 Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 12:24


Hi everyone! First of all, I am very pleased that I found out about this website before even taking my interviews. I am so happy I got an offer in TI consulting dpt at Deloitte. I have a few questions though.

First, I am offered a basic (graduate) salary of £30,500 (I think it's a pretty good salary). Is this salary less than the Consulting Strategy (or operations) Competency? I heard strategy offers £1,000 more. Why is that?

Second, although I'm accepting my offer ('coz I think Deloitte suits my expectations), I want to take the Assessment Centre at Accenture (Business & Systems Integration) just to know more about Accenture.

I can't ignore the huge financial benefits Accenture offers when compared to Deloitte. However, I am not sure I would be happy there, mainly because I don't want to do programming the whole day and work all weekends. I have the feeling Deloitte's culture is more relaxed and the work in TI is much more diversified than at ACN. Can anyone give me some advice? Which company/training programme has better reputation and career prospects (TI or BSI)?


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#2 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 13:04

Toilette & Douche to What2Do (#1)

I think you'll find that Deloitte has pretty long hours, maybe more so than Accenture - but I may be wrong. I'm also not convinced that Accenture offers "huge financial benefits".

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#3 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 14:19

ACN-er to Toilette & Douche (#2)

you wont be doing programming all day and you wont be working either every weekend. i have been in BSI for the 13-14 months, worked 2 weekends i think. though this is totally project dependant and what stage of the project you are at. e.g. time around Deployment or go live might may require some additional hours. in terms of work not diverse enough - well accenture has recently changed so analysts and consultants work across all industry groups and no longer alligned to e.g. government or financial services. this is just for BSI tohugh, tech. consulting alreayd have this model. There is a services and solutions work force who do majority of the build work, which BSI consulting are less involved in (though can be expected to get into) however its not benifical for accenture to have consulting do programming. type of owrk i have done has been quite diverse ranging from IT change management projects to large systems development projects involed in the TA and SA teams. i can only offer an opinion about accenture, i dont know much about Deloitte at all.

financial reward is tricky one, though the basic may be lower at accenture than deloitte, the bonus certainly makes up for this. however over the year it balances out roughly.

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#4 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 15:18

Hitandhope to What2Do (#1)

Hi there,

I was in a pretty much identical situation to you, I was offered a place in EA, and went along to the ACN assessment centre. I tried to chuff it up, but ended up getting an offer. In the end, both of these programs are very good, and similar in reputation. The pay and work will be similar as well. What it comes down to is the people you are working with. I was very welcomed at Deloitte, where as at ACN I felt that I was one of many being processed, and there didn't seem to be much of a personal feel. I am going with my Gut, and joining deloitte. In the end I think I may be moving from one to another as my career progresses. I believe that this is quite normal from what I have read on previous posts.

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#5 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 15:35

ACN-er to Hitandhope (#4)

definatly is hte case. large number of people have moved from ACN to Deloitte and vice versa.

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#6 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 18:49

What2Do to What2Do (#1)

Thanks very much for your advice, everyone. I still think I will attend the AC at Accenture for 2 reasons:

1) I'll get to see some people I would work with and be able to assess the general atmosphere at ACN (and how you're treated). If I feel I don't fit in there -> no regrets!

2) If I apply to ACN later in my career, I think it can be beneficial if their records show I passed their AC successfully some years earlier. On the other hand, they might not appreciate the fact that their records show I turned down their offer (if I get one).

I really think I will enjoy working at Deloitte, it's just a matter of being 100% sure I made the right decision. From the very beginning I thought Deloitte was the company I wanted to work for (among the Big Four). Later, I applied to ACN, just in case I didn't get through Deloitte's AC.

To be more specific about financial rewards, ACN is far more generous on bonuses, less on basic salary. I just don't like the idea that at Deloitte, you need to convert your cash bonus into flexible bonuses (i.e. private medical care, more holiday, etc.) where the same bonuses belong to your core benefits at Accenture, for free!

So, it would be great if so. could tell me how the core salary evolve at ACN and Deloitte. Because after 2 years at ACN, your £10,000 bonus is gone and you're left with a lower basic salary than Deloitte, I suppose...

I don't want to sound superficial (always talking about money), but as a young professional, if these 2 companies offer the exact same career prospects, then the decision comes down to a financial matter!

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#7 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
20/02/2007 19:32

ACN-er to What2Do (#6)

again, i cant comment on the progression at deloitte but after 2 years at analyst level, after your bonus is all paid... you're about to be promoted (if performance reviews go well) to C1 which means a decent salary rise to 40k ish.

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#8 Deloitte First Interview
21/02/2007 14:31

Shubho to What2Do (#1)

Hey guys,

I have my first round interview with Deloitte's Technology Assurance and Advisory tomorrow. I have got no idea what to expect. Would you guys be kind enough to help me out....any tips are most welcome..


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#9 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
28/02/2007 18:06

Is to ACN-er (#3)

Ok this is off topic but ACN-er can you confirm that BSI analysts are no longer aligned operating groups. I start in BSI in a few days and have been assigned to government operating group and really want to work in FS.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you

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#10 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
17/03/2007 14:58

marco to What2Do (#1)

hi guys, reading the thread very interested.

I m off to ACN assesment day next week so was eager to find out more about wat to expect mostly in term of competiotn from other peers and possible case studies..

Also how important is to have a clear idea of my future path with accenture (ex.operating groups or service?)

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#11 RE: Deloitte TI or ACN BSI?
19/03/2007 20:04

Kash to marco (#10)

Let us know how it went - the 2nd assesment...

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