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Becoming a consultant

#1 Becoming a consultant
10/02/2007 14:57


Thought I would give this another bash as I havent had any responses.

I have been working as a Project Director for an international telecoms company for 10 years working on convergent tecnologies including web portals and CRM solutions.

I have decided that I would like to go out on my own. Thing is I am not 100% sure how to go about it.

Can anyone recommend interim agencies I should approach for contracts or give me suggestions as how I should go about setting up?

Any help would be really gratefully received.

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#2 RE: Becoming a consultant
11/02/2007 00:33

XavierL to XavierL (#1)

Oh go on...I know you are reading this - any suggestions at all would be really helpful. Being French I dont have a huge network in the UK but want to stay here...please...

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#3 RE: Becoming a consultant
12/02/2007 09:53

bingobango to XavierL (#2)


I don't want to break your heart here but from a 'Dragons Den' point of view you've already told me that you don't have a large network of contacts and that you don't know how to set up your own business.

As such I think it's probably not the best step for you at this point - and mark those last three words.

Why do you wish to set up on your own? You either have to be providing a new product or providing an existing product cheaper or faster than your competitors.

Who are your competitors? What are their strengths? How well known is their brand?

How do you differentiate from them? Why would your customers buy from you?

Who are your customers? What do they want? How happy are they with their options in the market now?

If you don't know the answers to these questions you are working on desire rather than a plan. If you don't have a business plan which has been tested you have a dream.

Now to pick you up. You appear to have fantastic experience, your problem is that it's all been internal so your network and profile is low.

My advice would be to lever your experience and move into consultancy. Spend 2 - 5 years building your network and profile amongst buyers in your market and then, if you can answer the questions above with confidence, make the leap.

Alternatively look at the contractors area of this site and see if this is a way you could get into freelance work.

Either way, people will know you, they will trust you, they will believe in your brand.

Good luck!

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#4 RE: Becoming a consultant
12/02/2007 22:28

Boxershorts to bingobango (#3)

Great response Bingobango. Spot on!

The more postings I see from you, the more I like your style.

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#5 RE: Becoming a consultant
13/02/2007 08:33

anon1 to Boxershorts (#4)

I like bingobango too, she's great

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#6 RE: Becoming a consultant
13/02/2007 09:49

bingobango to anon1 (#5)

Sorry anon1. I'm a man, man!

But thanks for the complements, having a pretty bad week (already!) so trying to cleanse my soul a little by helping the needy where I can!

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#7 RE: Becoming a consultant
13/02/2007 14:23

Boxershorts to bingobango (#6)

... why do I have the feeling that Anon1 already knew that, man?

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#8 RE: Becoming a consultant
13/02/2007 14:54

bingobango to Boxershorts (#7)

Leave me alone, I'm having a bad week!

(Hope at lease someone got the subtle nod at Austin Powers in my response!)

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#9 RE: Becoming a consultant
18/02/2007 14:34

XavierL to bingobango (#3)

I totally agree and I probably wasnt clear. I am really looking at contracting as a way of building a network so really meant what sort of agencies could I get short to medium term contracts. I thought this would allow me to be more visable in the market place and ultimately get me back into the senior exec market in the UK. Does that make sense?


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