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Msc Decisions -Please help

#1 Msc Decisions -Please help
09/02/2007 13:03



I am a recent graduate from a 2nd/3rd tier uni 2.1 in Marketing I have been a Strategy Consultant (sub-contractor) to a small niche strategy house from September 06 and the pipe line has gone dry. I have applied to a number of graduate schemes/consulting houses with no luck.

The problem I'm having is my mathmatical ability is quite poor and now I'm considering a Msc next year and improving my chances in the following way.

a) Improving by going to a red brick uni e.g. Warwick Msc in Marketing & Strategy

b) By doing a Msc that really stretches my ability in terms of analysising statsical data

I feel the Warwick masters would be good and I would excel in it but would I really improve upon my weakness? It is a safe bet but if i do another course that has alot of analysis of data and finance would I be out of my depth?

The question I am asking is what would be the best Msc to do? I would like to do the Msc in Management at LSE but its so expensive hitting the 17k mark would be willing to go 8-9 k max

Can anyone help would me much appericated thanks

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#2 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
09/02/2007 15:31

Crabbit to Tony (#1)

Your degree/uni will almost certainly prevent you from being considered at the main consulting firms. A MSc with a stats focus from a decent uni would certainly help, and the Warwick course you mention is pretty well regarded. But it is a substantial cost in both time and money, and you may find that going down the industry route may be the more sensible option at this point.

Secondly, there may be an issue with you calling yourself a 'strategy consultant', when you have only just graduated and have been working for a few months at a 'niche' strat house. I would imagine that your role is probably that of an Analyst, rather than consultant...

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#3 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
09/02/2007 15:49

Tony to Crabbit (#2)


Yes point taken it may be an over blown statement to call my self a consultant at this stage but acting as a sub-contractor I did bring alot of substancial value to the projects I was involved in but I can see where your coming from on that point.

What course do you think would be in my best interest to do if I was to do an Msc?

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#4 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
11/02/2007 13:28

Tony to Tony (#3)


Is there anyone else who can help me on this matter please?

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#5 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
11/02/2007 13:52

bri500 to Tony (#4)

It depends what you mean by your mathematical ability being poor. If you mean poor as in "under-developed" as you haven't done enough courses in it, then fine, do a Masters. If you mean that you are just a person who isn't strong at all in numbers, don't waste your time and money. Firstly, your course will be a living hell, and secondly, you'll get stumped anyway when you have to do the numerical tests at every single consultancy.

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#6 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
12/04/2007 19:39

sam to bri500 (#5)

take a look at the Durham University MA Management - you can do it by distance learning for 6100K or full time for £7200.

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#7 RE: Msc Decisions -Please help
12/04/2007 19:47

Mee to sam (#6)

Are you bad at maths or bad at mental artithmetic. I'm extrmely bad at the latter yet work in a quantitative job and excelling in it.

Problem with the latter is that it's hard to get past the numeracy test, and an MSc won't help that.

When looking at MSc courses, ask whether there's any recruiters that speciifically traget people on that course. If so, the people in company won't be as conscerned if you do badly in the numeracy test yet get a merit or distinction on the MSc.

Provided you choose carefully an MSc from a top uni definitely does help!

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