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LSE MSc Mang

#1 LSE MSc Mang
03/02/2007 13:58


1. What sort of reputation does the program hv with MC's?

2. Who is the msc grad competing against?

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#2 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
03/02/2007 14:33

ted to ms (#1)

hey, similar q:

i'v got into LSE and Cornell, for prework-ex mang ms. Which would be a better choice? Are the job opps better for Cornell grads?

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#3 LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
04/02/2007 06:11

danny to deleted (#0)

ted, you should't highjack another person's post.


1. LSE is a good brand, so it will sit well with MC's.

FT ranked the program 4 in '05 and 8 in '06. However LSE did not provide any information on the number of students that secured a permanent job 3 months after graduation.

If somebody has information on this aspect I think half your troubles would be over.

2. As it is a preworkx MSc, your competition should be MS students from the same discipline from other unis.

Get a few more opinions on this board before making up your mind.

ps ted: Cornell would be the better option.

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#4 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
04/02/2007 14:00

Yankee to danny (#3)

LSE job opps would be better for management consulting as it has a better reputation. Cornell's Johnson school of management isn't terrible but isn't very well known or respected even in the US.

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#5 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
05/02/2007 10:43

Mr T to Yankee (#4)

Just saw that theres a dual degree coming from the LSE: MSc Management and an MBA from either HEC or Chicago's Graduate Business School.

Has anyone here heard of it?

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#6 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
05/02/2007 11:33

ms to Mr T (#5)

yankee, I also got an admit from Duke, not the MBA program but the MEM (which covers some of the MBA subjects).

Would you say I'd still be better off going to LSE? Will it be easier to get a job in MC if I graduate from LSE as opposed to Duke?

I contacted one of the professors from GSB and he advised me to go to LSE. He said that the LSE is throwing in some awesome resources into the program.

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#7 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
05/02/2007 11:39

ms to ms (#6)

Mr T, are you talking about the MSc Mang program that offers you to study one term in either HEC, GSB, Fuqua, Stern?

If so, its not a dual deg, its part of the MSc Mang program that provides the option of studying at these institutes for one term, the lent term.

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#8 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
05/02/2007 11:46

ted to ms (#7)


I agree that LSE has a much stronger brand than Cornell for Mang. But the end result is what counts does''t it difficult to find a job in the UK?

If anybody does know the job situation in the UK for MC please let me know!

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#9 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
05/02/2007 12:59

Mr T to ted (#8)

Let me post the link here. It is definitely a double degree, with one year at the LSE and the other (if you get accepted) at the other unis.

It looks very new, however. I've emailed LSE asking them about it.

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#10 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
06/02/2007 06:48

ms to Mr T (#9)

all MSc students are eligible to apply for the MBA, with the exception of MSc Mang.

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#11 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
06/02/2007 06:51

ms to Mr T (#9)

Job opps for an LSE grad vs Duke grad has become the deciding factor.

Would appreciate if more people could help out!

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#12 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
06/02/2007 09:29

Mr T to ms (#10)

ms, are you 100% sure about that?

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#13 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
06/02/2007 09:29

Mr T to Mr T (#12)

I mean - sorry- the LSE thing

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#14 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
07/02/2007 06:50

ms to Mr T (#13)

thats what it says on the website you posted...

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#15 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
07/02/2007 06:53

ted to ms (#14)

guys could really use some help here...anon, jim, dave..

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#16 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
12/04/2007 19:32

sam to ted (#15)

what about the MA Management from Durham University?

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#17 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
12/04/2007 20:38

just me to sam (#16)

guys - I guess it boils down where you want to work? If its UK, then LSE is much better than either Cornell or Duke. I did the MSc Management program - it offers no advantage as compared to other courses at LSE when it comes to MC interviewing. But, from my experience - the LSE brand is second only to Oxbridge, when it comes to MC firms in UK. If you want to work here, its best to do a program from Oxbridge / LSE - it doens't necessarily have to be a mgmt degree. A mgmt degree willnot necessarily increase yr chances of being invited for an interview as compared to an MSc in Economics, for e.g. MC firms don't care what degree course you did, so long as you can defend your choices in the interview.

Your competition is not from other students doing similar mgmt degrees - but from undergrads who studied other subjects such as history .

Donot mean to dishearten anybody, but from the experience of my classmates - it is typically not enough to do an MSc Management program to secure an interview at a top MC firm. Yes, that is one factor. However, you would need to have strong work ex, internships and leadership experience to get in.

Once called for interview, you just have to get cracking on the cases. To the extent that some courses in the MSc Mgmt degree course are related to what Mgmt consultants do, you might have a slight advantage. But, the advantage is really very small, as at graduate entry level, MC firms are not seeking specialist knowledge. A bright person who can think analaytically and argue his/her case will get through irrespective of the content of the program.

As for Statistics, I have had several interviews at MC firms, a few of my classmates were invited as well. However, as of now, only 3-4 people are working in London MC firms. (atleast 2 from the above 4 went to Oxbridge for their undergrad). Another thing, it is not just a college's brand name, but the alumni network as well that is important. Many of my friends from Oxbridge have found it easier to obtain interviews typically because they have a large no of their erstwhile classmates working at these firms. To a less extent, its true of LSE true. Although LSE being a very international school and very finance oriented, the network is smaller as compared to Oxbridge.

Even Harvard doesn't have much of a network here (brand name, yes - but no network); leave apart Duke or Conell.

So my answer, decide where in the world you want to work, and then choose a strong school in that country.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.

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#18 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
13/04/2007 20:59

M to just me (#17)

thank you. clarifies a lot. very helpful post.

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#19 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
14/04/2007 07:25

anon to M (#18)

Good morning,

For Just me: Could you please speak about the sdtrengths and weaknesses of the MSc Management at the LSE in terms of academic quality? Im interested in it just to learn a bit more about Management. Did many people who did it go on for a PhD?

Thanks a lot

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#20 RE: LSE MSc Mang - Cornell
16/04/2007 12:31

Consultant to anon (#19)

All I must say that LSE is not the only uni offering a top flight MSc Mgt. degree. Bristol Uni has one which is excellent, employers have been very keen on this and have fast forwarded graduates through interviews. It is even ranked as 4th in the UK. Bear in mind that Bristol students on average are the highest achieving after Oxbridge and the gap between them and the next uni's like Imperial and LSE is sizeable. Employers flock to Bristol. Worth considering!

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