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Is this site CENSORED?!

#1 Is this site CENSORED?!
19/01/2007 23:01


I put a comment up earlier about a recruitment consultant not living up to what they claim. I mentioned no names of individuals or firms.

I know it was there - I saw it - but now it's gone.

Leads me to conclude the site must be censored. It's not a free forum to express opinions.

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#2 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
19/01/2007 23:42

Baz to Rob (#1)

Yes, not heavily censored but moderated. Rule of thumb is that you can't criticise personally identifiable individuals or core sponsors/advertisers on the site.

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#3 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
20/01/2007 21:51

anon to deleted (#0)

I observed Rob's post before it was deleted. Whilst the situation did suggest that Rob was acting with integrity, the recruitment consultant in question was potentially identifiable.

I think I can understand why the moderator decided to take the view they did. Although I do not know what happened off-site, it seems that there is nothing on site to suggest that Rob has not tried to act with integrity. The original poster was perhaps over zealous with some of the information submitted, but it might well have not been intentioned to upset.

Rob it might be an idea to discuss this with others in that organisation to find a more rewarding resolution, even if it necessitates diplomatically withdrawing your application and going elsewhere.

I tend to agree with Baz for the most part on this, although without potentially constructive debates about organisations, which they often thankfully contribute to, we would unfortunately be left with one less solution for situations where the left hand does not really know all that the right hand can do.

By the way I’m not a moderator on this forum, or a recruitment consultant and have no personal interest in this thread, other than that of a sympathetic onlooker. I apologise if these comments are not riveting to other participants. However like many others I would not wish to jeopardise the freedom of communication that by and large the top-consultant forum is allowed to provide to us all.

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#4 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
20/01/2007 23:53

Baz to Rob (#1)

Is it possible to re-post your story in an anonymised form so at least the general experience can be an instructional lesson to others?

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#5 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
21/01/2007 20:48

Rob to Baz (#4)

Well, the firm in question does appear often on the job-postings. The recruiter in question put up a long post a while back about the excellent job and high integrity that recruitment consultants offer.

The reality, however, seems to be somewhat different. No returned emails or phone calls over a month. My CV is good (MA, MBA, IT experience, 11 years, Banking experience, 6 years), so this is not the reason. Just an unprofessional recruitment consultant.

Another series of posts just recently has one particular poster badmouthing a given consulting firm no fewer than eight times (i.e. the same post appears in different threads on at least 8 occasions). These posts, however, remain even though the firm is clearly identifiable.

So, if it concerns a site sponsor, they are untouchable. Others, it seems, are fair game.

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#6 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
21/01/2007 20:54

Random acts of language to Rob (#5)

I think it's probably a bit rich to imagine that any of the T-C team are checking up at 2000 on a Sunday evening.

In practice some posts do disappear, generally during the UK working day Monday to Friday. there doesn't appear to be an established policy for it, one that went walkabout was from someone asking about Dyslexia in the recruitment process for example.

I'm also conscious that I've posted criticisms of at least one firm, that's very active in T-C, and they're still around.

I don't know the post you're on about so can't get an independent feel for why it might have gone though.

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#7 RE: Is this site CENSORED?!
21/01/2007 20:55

Johnny boy to Rob (#5)

Its okay for Channel 4 to air Jane Goody on Big Brother.

Its okay to depict cartoons of a religions prophet.

Its okay to take pics of the hanging of an ex president of a sovereign nation.

Yet its not okay to provide ones personal experience with a recruitment consultant.

The world is indeed a strange place.

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#8 Removal of forum postings
22/01/2007 08:56

Tony Restell ( to Rob (#1)

Thought it would be helpful to clarify that we never revise a post that a reader has submitted. So it is either accepted as is, or it is removed if inappropriate. There are tens of thousands of forum posts here and less than 0.5% get removed from the site.

So by and large we like to leave you all to discuss whatever you want to discuss.

As regards "special treatment" for our advertisers, I should point out that over 60 of the world's top 75 consulting firms now advertise on the site - so inevitably if we remove posts then some of the posts we remove are going to be about advertisers. But there's no special treatment for anyone. Indeed, if you do a quick search for some of the consulting brands that advertise on the site then I'm sure you will very quickly find some negative comments about these firms. So fair comment and debate is allowed to stand.

What we do delete - and I would hope most readers would approve of this - are i) comments that attack minorities or are intentionally provocative and ii) comments that portray any organisation in a way that could land us in legal hot water.

Hope this helps clarify things.

Tony Restell (

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#9 RE: Removal of forum postings
22/01/2007 10:37

Rob to Tony Restell ( (#8)

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the info and explanation.

Since my original post neither attacked any minorities or was in any way (as far as I can tell) un-PC, and did not misrepresent anything so as to get anyone in legal hot water, combined with Random Acts's astutue observation about T-C staff probably not being online on the weekend, I must conclude that it disappeared due to a glitch, not due to any overt action on the part of the T-C moderators.

So, should I repost the story?

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#10 RE: Removal of forum postings
22/01/2007 11:34

Tony Restell ( to Rob (#9)

Go ahead and start a new thread with your post - and sorry if you hit a glitch with posting first time round. Tony

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