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#1 Dubai
15/01/2007 13:08


Does anybody know any recruiment agents for Dubai or any companies actively recruiting at the moment?

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#2 RE: Dubai
15/01/2007 14:44

Wrong country to Edward (#1)

No, not really. Why not use google or look in the Dubai yellow pages? This is a UK board!

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#3 RE: Dubai
15/01/2007 16:53

sheikh to Wrong country (#2)

The Brits are the biggest western expat group in Dubai, fine to ask here.

Don't use agencies, go direct to companies.

There was a thread a couple of months back on consultancies in the Middle East, search it and send CVs direct, there's a hiring boom.

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#4 RE: Dubai
18/01/2007 18:33

nad to Edward (#1)

yes, contact me:

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#5 RE: Dubai
18/01/2007 20:07

trust me to nad (#4)

No matter who this person is, I wouldn't trust them. I work in Dubai and recruitment agencies are notorious here (e.g. promise you $x at a firm but when the offer comes it's only half the amount). Go direct to firms, as above there's been discussions on here before so search away.

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#6 RE: Dubai
27/01/2007 18:29

dubba to trust me (#5)

@ trust me: word!

@ edward: try to stick with those agencies which are also present in the UK/ Europe/ USA. With purely local agencies you are likely to be lost... and do not even consider paying something up front as some of them may want you to do

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#7 RE: Dubai
28/01/2007 16:23

Hessam to dubba (#6)


The dubai recruitment arena is actually hot. The advice is right, don't go to agencies, go straight to recruiters, although there is one agency which might bet worth trying and that is euro... which is also advertised on top-consultant pages.

These firms are already in Dubai...







Erns & Young


I have although heard that other companies are also present in UAE.

These are:


Roland Berger




Give these a try. Good luck.

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#8 RE: Dubai
29/01/2007 13:00

and to Hessam (#7)

AT Kearney too.

MESA is now OC&C I think.

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#9 RE: Dubai
22/02/2007 15:19

Dan to Edward (#1)

I am a London based strats consultant. I have recently accepted a position with a firm in the UAE. I actually ended up using a recruiter, albeit through a personal contact rather than a speculative enquiry. Happy to discuss my experience offline with anyone after advice

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#10 RE: Dubai
22/02/2007 19:26

hi to dubai to Dan (#9)

Remember using a recruitment consultant means 1/3 of your first year package goes in their pocket, so going direct means you're in a much stronger negotiating position...

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#11 RE: Dubai
04/03/2007 23:28

Cat to hi to dubai (#10)

Hi Everyone,

Have a quick question, does anyone know how much the starting salaries (and bonuses) are for the top management consulting firms?

Thanks! Cat

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#12 RE: Dubai
04/03/2007 23:59

? to Cat (#11)

In Dubai? Starting salary at what career grade/experience/background, and in which type of consultancy?

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#13 RE: Dubai
05/03/2007 04:56

John to Cat (#11)


I can provide this sort of information but gained much of it through confidential client meetings (I am a Dubai based Head-Hunter). I am sure you understand that I cannot post the salary structures on a forum. Feel free to send me a mail to with your details. I will gladly give you a call back to discuss. It seems that some on this site have had some bad experiences with recruiters but I am sure you will make your own mind up!

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#14 RE: Dubai
05/03/2007 12:58

hi to dubai to John (#13)

Well, depending on your nationality (yes, they're overtly racist if you're not Arab, European or American), education and company you apply to, you can expect anything from $30k to $60k as a graduate.

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#15 RE: Dubai
07/03/2007 17:08

curious to hi to dubai (#14)

Dear Hi to Dubai. These figures seem very low based on the cost of living in Dubai. Are you the same person who keeps telling people not to use recruiters to help you get jobs and negotiate salaries?!?!?

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#16 RE: Dubai
07/03/2007 18:19

hi to dubai to curious (#15)

A graduate salary is a graduate salary, headhunter won't make any difference. All it will do is make a company think twice about hiring you when there's 100 other people who don't need 30% commission paying.

Bear in mind that the competition for places in Dubai includes a high number of graduates from the sub-continent who'd gladly bite your arm off for $30k (that would be an exceptional wage for many people here), only really the established names who pay more.

You should also bear in mind there is no tax and national insurance here, so say $50k is more cash than most starting salaries in the UK. The effect of not having tax also means billing rates can be lower (take off the impact of corporate and income tax from a UK/US billing rate and see what happens).

Dubai has a high rental cost, but everything else is cheaper.

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#17 RE: Dubai
07/03/2007 18:20

hi to dubai to hi to dubai (#16)

Oh yeah, and please bear in mind companies know very well that there is a huge attraction in moving to Dubai so they won't be held to ransom. If you want expat packages with all the bells and whistles (but restricted freedom), go to Saudi or somewhere.

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#18 RE: Dubai
08/03/2007 09:28

hi to Dubai to hi to dubai (#17)

Who the hell are you working for? It sounds like you are getting a rough deal. I am sure there are plenty of people on this site who can help you out if you have a decent profile. Alternatively, it may be that you are managing a team, in which case I am sure that there are plenty of people who would gladly relieve you of your best consultants!

Point of reference 30% is paid to the better head-hunters who target experienced hires. it is not paid to those recruiting those who have just gained their undergraduate degrees. A consultant who can be charged out to a client site at a good margin or is senior enough to build a profitable practice area will soon make that fee back and it proves to be good business for the hiring company.

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#19 RE: Dubai
08/03/2007 13:32

hi to dubai to hi to Dubai (#18)

I'm on a very good package, but came with a lot of experience. Just pointing out that even some of the global names in consulting will offer you less than you expect (especially at junior levels), many people think it's just purely a goldmine here.

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#20 RE: Dubai
10/03/2007 16:24

measured response to hi to dubai (#19)

Dear Hi to Dubai.. sorry for digging at you before... $30k US is barely more than 15k pounds and a pretty poor salary. roughly 10k dirhams per month which is pathetic and will see you living in pretty dire conditions. Most reputable tier 2 companies should be able to get to $45- $50k even for a grad if the candidate is good. If it is tier 1, obviously international rates will apply. I do not want to pick a fight with you, however, as the point about people wrongly thinking they can line their pockets here is absolutely accurate. Companies do make the mistake of offering dreadful salaries to talented candidates for the sub-continent (and then don't understand why they leave for twice the salary once they have regional experience!) but people from the UK often mistakedly think that they need to be enticed out here. This is far from the case. It is a wonderful place to live and no-one is going to pay over the odds for someone who does not really want to be here.

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#21 RE: Dubai
02/04/2007 15:09

Another ex-Axoner to Hessam (#7)

As far as I know Axon's Dubai office was closed down last year, so I doubt that they are recruiting. There was too much of playing golf and enjoying the high life than doing the actual work.

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#22 RE: Dubai
09/04/2007 23:29

Cyberbloke to measured response (#20)

I have been looking for a recruiter and seems like a bad idea. I am in US with big 4 with 12 years in consulting. Any direction??

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#23 RE: Dubai
12/04/2007 09:05

Beth to Cyberbloke (#22)

Am in Dubai right now...and its a lovely day. Shame I'm looking at it through an office window, really! Lots of truth in what everyone's saying on this thread- avoid recruiters, accept that Gulf operations for most of the big consulantcies aren't stable, so the plug may get pulled at short notice, salaries vary wildly, and you may well not get what you think, especially if you are a new grad. But its lovely, if slightly mad.

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