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entry-level watch ;-)

#1 entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 13:49


I know there was the topic like this (about watches) but the previous one was with the price tag 5k. As a graduate I can afford watch for up to 500 and was thinking about buying Tissot (

So question: is it a good brand? I mean I'd like to have good (I know it's relative) watch which looks ok when visiting clients, but don't want to spend more than 500 on it. Tissot seeme to me like a good fit - what do you think?

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#2 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 14:06

Unbelievable to grad (#1)

Geez, kids today! I've stuck with my tried and trusted £50 Casio watch (with 35 digital functions that i never use) which got me through my school and uni exams. And before you ask, I am an Director. It doesn't matter what watch you have. The client isn't going to give a sh*t what watch you wear, as long as you do the job that they ask you to do.

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#3 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 14:41

grad to Unbelievable (#2)

Hi Unbelievable / Director,

Appreciate your comment. I guess once I'm Director I will not care about the watch as well ;-). In the meantime I do care. So any opinion about the watch itself greatly welcomed.

P.S. Or, because of your position, you look for grad to your team? Then I wouldn't have to bother with the watch and just work my a*s off to contribute ;-)

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#4 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 15:04

ACN Director to Unbelievable (#2)

A watch that looks good to clients? This just says it all about today's grads doesnt it - they actually think that the kind of watch you wear is what impresses clients?? Hell - there is no way I would want anyone of that mentality working with one of my clients. If this is the calibre of grads being recruited, HR need to do some serious thinking!!

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#5 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 15:14

anon to ACN Director (#4)

Unbelievable and ACN director, could you please answer a question for me. I am a graduate in the process of the milkround and was wondering whether it would be ill advised to wear a smart (i.e expensive) watch to an interview. Judging by your comments, it seems that it may give the wrong impression.

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#6 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 15:48

ACN Director to anon (#5)


If you happen to own one that you always wear, there is no harm in wearing it to the interview. It is when you specifically buy one to impress an interviewer or a client that speaks volumes towards your character. If you are a well rounded person, both academically and otherwise, there would be no need to buy expensive watches to impress anyone. If you are the type of person who feels that showing off expensive trinkets to impress is the kind of thing that is important to a client/interviewer, then all that you will be demonstrating is that you are a prima donna or insincere and nobody wants to hire one of those - if they dont annoy you, they will certainly annoy your clients.

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#7 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 16:00

anon to ACN Director (#6)

Thanks for the advice. Although expensive, the watch is understated so that allays my concerns. Thanks.

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#8 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 16:44

Alex to anon (#7)

You are all incredible. Firstly, the Tissot is a very nice entry level watch. Clients will appreciate a well dressed, cultured individual that appreciates fine craftmanship. At least, my clients do.

Secondly - don't post saying youre someone youre not - Accenture doesnt have directors - youre pathetic.

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#9 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 17:06

grad to Alex (#8)

And I just wanted a piece of advice about the Tissot which I found nice ;-). Few comments:

1) I've never said "watch to impress". I said "watch that looks ok". I know that I'm going to be judged by deliverables and watch won't make the trick. What I meant is a watch that won't make fool of me.

2) You got angry with me and actually I only learnt my lesson based on the following:

a) during my final round one of the partners from MBBB made a comment that my "tie isn't silk" - I had just the regular tie from Zara or H&M.

b) during my interview at one of the BB IBs VP said that he recommends me to spend my sign-on bonus on nice suit (suggesting Zegna!) because "people will immediately recognise cheap suit". He added also that mine suit was not a total crap, but he "could see also that it was 200-300 worth".

I know these 2 guys might be an exception, but still: I learn from them as well.

So coming back to my Q: is my Tissot ok? ;-)

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#10 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 17:15

anon to grad (#9)

Hahahaha "tie isn't silk" very good. I thought that would be something said by someone at Mars & Co. I hope they outlined that as the sole reason for your rejection.

Although candidate x demontrated fine quantitative and analytical skills, demonstrated numerous examples of leadership and was a good team player, his tie sucked. Sucked monkey balls. Seriously, like vomit on polyester. Best of luck in whatever you do.

HR recruitment administrator.

I wouldn't bother with a tissot as you'll only want to upgrade to a better watch in a year or two.

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#11 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 17:23

george to anon (#10)

ah ha! the point is that many of the respondents here are from the big 4 or similar - leagues apart from MBBB. Mind you, BB IB are even more dress conscious. I have seen partners dressed as fruit salesmen. Its a shame.

I agree with the last poster, get yourself an ok watch - and upgrade to a serious one ( circa 3k ) in a few years. The suit is maybe more important right now.

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#12 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 17:56

Unbelievable to george (#11)

Grad, I'm absolutely appalled by the comments/feedback from your interviews in Consulting and I-Bank about your suit and tie, and to be honest, still find it hard to believe, especially the strat firms. This is from experience having worked in both Consulting and I-Bank.

With regards to one of the Posters comments about ACN not having directors, although, I no longer work there, I'm pretty sure that they do have Director grades, for people who don't want to become Partners (Senior Execs). I think it is the equivalent of the old Associate Partner grade. Or maybe the poster is a Senior Exec, who has a line role in the org structure and is called a Director. (i.e. in sales).

Come on people, it's Xmas, let's not throw accusations out that people are not what they are, without thinking things through.

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#13 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 18:12

Recent grad (3 years in) to Unbelievable (#12)


Listen to some sound advice, I work for one of the big boys after spending time at one of the Big 4 accountancy firms in corp finance and an internship in a bank during uni. I'm now digging myself into a reasonably successful (I hope) albeit extremely time consuming career at a strat house (and no I won;t tell who it is).

The moral, I've had my fair share of interviews and I've done ok from it.

The watch: as long as it doesn't look tacky and cheap no-one will notice or care (maybe in IBD but that's because they're bored, spend 99% of their waking hours in suits and have too much cash to burn).

As for the suit, spend more on teh suit than the watch but IMHO the law of diminishing marginal returns kicks in rapidly for every £ spent past £400. Jermyn street will do you fine as will M & S if you go high quality end and get it tailored. Cut is everything my friend, you will rarely find cheap cloth.

With regards to the ACN director stuff, don't believe everything you read in grad recruitment literature. They will have directors, alot of them will wear £50 casios and alot of them will be very successful in what they do and won't give a t00s about watches.

Worry more about looking smart and talking sense, don't fall for the 'all the kit, full of sh1t' scenario.

Have a good NY, good luck

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#14 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
29/12/2006 19:16

grad to Recent grad (3 years in) (#13)

Guys, thanks for comments and advice. Regarding the 2 examples I quoted... all in all they were nice guys. Nobody is perfect. I think (and hope) they didn't make the remarks because they were mean. I guess it just reflects their lifestyle/attitude and they wanted to pass on me some wisdome ;-). I guess so because I got offer from both places so at the end they must have liked me. So no hard feelings.

Enjoy NYE party!

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#15 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
01/01/2007 17:52

Boxershorts to Recent grad (3 years in) (#13)

Agree with Recent Grad:

There have been a number of threads here recently about 'what should I wear?', 'what watch to buy?', etc. Alarming, in a sense.

What's a watch for? To tell the time. Get one that does that accurately, that doesn't look cheap and nasty or like a kid's toy and you'll be well set. You can do this easily for around £50. Then make sure you use it. Being late is one of the biggest things that creates a bad impression.

As for the suit, decent cloth, clean and well cut you suit your frame. That's what matters. Also a good shirt. Again, it's not necessarily about money and you can get good value without breaking the bank, especially if you're just setting out. As you progress, you can make your own call about getting the finer things in life. I've known folks in St Michael (that's the M&S house brand) who look fabulous, while others have made top-of-the-line suits look like a sack.

In the end, it's not what you wear (within reason), it's the way that you wear it...

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#16 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
02/01/2007 10:16

Nic to Boxershorts (#15)

Got to agree with Boxershorts here; plus once you are travelling there are a lot of good deals to be had - tailored suits, shirts, and shoes (which can be a bonus), also good watches, wallets, belts etc without the UK High Street price tag! There are other posts on this subject.

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#17 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 09:28

martin to Nic (#16)

Yet again on here, style over fcuking substance.

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#18 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 12:13

Anon to martin (#17)

Yeah, just pick up an Argos catalogue and you'll find plenty of decent watches to choose from. Whilst there are basic standards of hygiene and personal appearance to be maintained, work ain't a fashion parade.

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#19 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 13:01

Anon to martin (#17)

Hi Martin, I wonder whether your appearance is a vulgar as your language - nice selling point, mate. ;)

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#20 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 14:40

martin to Anon (#19)


Apologies if I have offended your oh-so-delicate sensitivities. I thought the word adequately conveyed my frustration with the preening idiots who are so prevalent within our industry.

And yes, my appearance is just as vulgar. I'm 16 stone and dressed in a pvc catsuit.

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#21 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 16:41

Anon to martin (#20)

by martin 27/4/2006

Welcome to the world of consulting. I've been here for four years and it's full of small-minded, insecure pricks…

by martin 7/12/2006

I left Accenture 6 months ago…

by martin 11/12/2006

"i'm the guy who quite frankly would rather take my analysts and consultants out for a beer and get pi$$ed with them, than spend a night talking to partners….I'm the guy…”


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#22 RE: entry-level watch ;-)
03/01/2007 17:42

jamie to Anon (#21)

I think you have bigger fish to fry. If you lack the self-confidence to trust ur own judgement when buying something as simple as a watch, I doubt you're ready to sell a complex proposals to clients. Sort it out or go be an requires self- belief and the ability to trust ur own judgement.

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