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Proudfoot good?

#1 Proudfoot good?
24/12/2006 09:23


May I know, how is Proudfoot Consulting rated in managing consulting industry? Does the firm have a good reputation consistently? How is the quality of work its consultants produce? Is there a good work/life balance? Does its management treat consultants fair and human?


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#2 RE: Proudfoot good?
26/12/2006 10:55

ex proudfoot to (#1)


I guess proudfoot does not have a good reputation on the market. Long working hours and questionable senior management. I would not join them.


ex proudfoot

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#3 RE: Proudfoot good?
08/06/2007 01:49

Michael Rodig to ex proudfoot (#2)

..I have been a successful managing and top Analyst with them for many years in most countries of the world. I do though not agree with the reputation issue. My long-time experience tells me that the client gets want he was agreed after the analysis, even if the decision wasn't necessary a "popular" decision, but in my opinion when "the going gets rough" the former "rough" which agreed to the strategy, run away. On the other things I fully agree. It is like any other management consultant, when you take out the politics, there are only as good as their people are ... I personally recommend them to clients when I know who is going to be involved at the top, even after leaving them, and I know that the clients is looking for no bulls' but straight talk and unless they have shanged, this is it. If you want a family life than you may as well forget to join them. If you want to learn an exciting and very rewarding job, than join them.

Best regards,


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#4 RE: Proudfoot good?
12/11/2007 20:28

mike to Michael Rodig (#3)

great insight? did you work for proudfoot before? if so, what was your first months like and did you have to wait until you could start or did you start right away, i should be starting soon. any advice or additional info would be greatly appreciated


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#5 Proudfoot good?
04/01/2008 11:50

Long term Consultant to mike (#4)


I worked at Proudfoot for 2 years. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. They have a slave driver mentality... and during client site reviews they work staff until 2-4am every night for 2 weeks straight with 7am starts. Staff travel sunday to friday every day of their career. In fact, a staff member who flew from Hong Kong to Sth Africa was asked to go straight to the job site from the airport and work 12 hrs. This is ridiculous. There is slim to none professional training, Total lack of HR support and a male dominated environment. I have an brilliant senior management role with one of the world's leading players right now and I have to say, if I had to ever choose between unemployment and returning to Proudfoot then I would rather be unemplayed.

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#6 RE: Proudfoot good?
04/01/2008 23:17

Marla L to Long term Consultant (#5)

thanks for the insight, long term consultant, could you also tell me how your initial hiring process has been? i was told it would take 1-3 months before I would be brought on, but I have definitely experienced some questionable things, would like to talk to you more or anyone else with similar experiences.


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#7 RE: Proudfoot good?
07/01/2008 21:19

Valeria L. to Marla L (#6)

My experience was different, the travel is extensive, but the projects and opportunities I was given was great!

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#8 RE: Proudfoot good?
28/06/2008 22:28

j to Long term Consultant (#5)

Any chance you would share who you are working for? It seems like you are very happy.

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#9 RE: Proudfoot good?
03/10/2008 23:27

Cold foot to j (#8)

I worked for Proudfoot for 1 year at a senior level in North America. I was also a client in years past. I can tell you that the North American management team can best be described as "used car salesmen" I left after a large client correctly indicated that we were fudging the data on the results. Proudfoot refuses to tie it's savings data to the financial systems of the clients. I can go on and on but simply put if i were a prospective client or employee i would steer clear.

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#10 RE: Proudfoot good?
06/11/2008 01:38

ken to Cold foot (#9)

I have worked for proudfoot a longtime ago and it has "morphed" and like Micheal and for mike it was the best school for this specialist brand of management consulting. It used to stands almost alone. Now...? You have to give some things to gain an insight.

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#11 RE: Proudfoot good?
10/11/2008 23:22

Lord to ken (#10)

Damn right they are, and in this climate they are the best in the business at cost cutting.

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#12 RE: Proudfoot good?
14/11/2008 15:38

Zanz to Lord (#11)

I passed the interviews with Proudfoot

they said they did not have clients and would let me know when to make an offer.

Only now I am not reading this great things about them..

Not sure I would remain unemployed or acept an offer.

Working till 2 am evey day does not seem reasonable at all.

Or are they offerin 100Kpounds/year ( 2 years previous consutancy experience and 4 years industry experience)??

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#13 RE: Proudfoot good?
14/11/2008 18:16

Anon to Zanz (#12)

I was actually attracted to Proudfoot by the travel, but when I talked to them they confirmed it was a relentless Sunday night to Friday programme; the clients/locations were far from exotic as well.

The other thing that worried me was how they dealt with any lack of experience, basically telling consultants to make up an shortfalls in their CVs - although I'm sure this isn't 'policy'!

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