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Move out?

#1 Move out?
18/12/2006 11:45

Ellen C

I've been working as an IT consultant for 3 years since I graduated. I haven't been progressing at the company that I'm with and I want to move elsewhere. However, I’m having difficulty fitting job hunting around my work schedule and family life. I’m usually way too tired at the end of the day to fill in applications.

I've been offered a temp job through a friend to help manage engineering projects during a busy period at their factory. This period would be for up to year. They willl not mind me popping out for interviews or leaving if/when I get a job. Lucky me huh?

If I took this, I would have a lot more time to job hunt but I wouldn’t be using any of my IT or consultancy skills. Therefore, I’m concerned how employers would view this. Although I will have more time to make applications, I’m concerned that it would look like I am not committed to consultancy and might be better slogging it out where I am for the time being. Can anyone offer some advice either way?

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#2 RE: Move out?
18/12/2006 12:15

Another Anon to Ellen C (#1)

I'm sorry, but welcome to the real world. Fact of life. Everyone has similar pressures. If you really, really want to move, I'm sure you'd make the extra effort to sacrifice a bit here and there, in order to find the time, to fill in the applications and attend the interviews. No one is going to hand it on a plate to you. If you ask me, if you're struggling to do this, I'm afraid, you can't be too good a consultant, since effective time management, correct me if I'm wrong, is one of the things that we as consultants should do well. Apologies if I appear blunt, but that's how I see it.

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#3 RE: Move out?
18/12/2006 13:28

Ellen C to Another Anon (#2)

I can juggle a job and applying for interviews. In fact, I received 2 offers this year but didn't take them (even though I am unhappy) because they weren't better employers than my current.

The amount of time which is required in writing applications, arranging and preparing for interviews can be significant. I can continue applying while working in consultancy but the whole process may be made a lot easier if I take this temp job. I would be able to make a larger volume of better researched applications and prepare more thoroughly for interviews.

I'm not a bad candidate - I have a 1st at a top uni, 4 A's at A-level , loads of extra curricular plus I work at one of the top IT consultancies in the UK. I've just had some difficulties adjusting to working life (call it cultural fit) but I don't believe I would have these problems with a new employer and a fresh start.

Should I take the temp job or should I continue applying while working where I am? If I left, how would employers view this?

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#4 RE: Move out?
18/12/2006 13:42

Random Acts of Language to Ellen C (#1)

OK, here goes, and I won't even charge you for the advice ;)

If you're really that unhappy where you are then I'd agree that it's a good idea to move. It's mature to recognise that mismatch. In a poor cultural fit then you're not performing and you're not serving either employer or client.

One way to spin the opportunity to your advantage would be to set up as a sole trader, or Private Limited concern, and have the firm employ you either on a consulting or interim management basis.

Benefits - You can demonstrate an entreprenurial spirit by setting up on your own, it also shows an awareness of the risks of being independent, the returns are potentially better if you have a decent accountant. You're broadening your skillset and demonstrating mobility in client industry, ie you're not IT specific. That makes you more marketable for a potential employer.

In the medium term you can try for follow on work, either with the same firm or another client which demonstrated some sales competence. (although how valuable that is might be questionable, but it demonstrates willingness). You might find that you enjoy the independent approach.

Problems with it - You might be seen as a ultural fit risk if you can't fit in with your current firm, so less employable. It might be seen as a lack of commitment. You might be seen asa lacking depth, the counterpoint to the broadening that I mentioned as an advantage.

I wouldn't recommend going in as a permie if you want to break back into consulting later.

Business Link can give you some advice on setting up on your own. It is a risk if you're not comfortable about neworking and selling, but in all honesty I'd prefer seeing someone prepared to give it a go.

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#5 RE: Move out?
18/12/2006 16:43

Jose to Random Acts of Language (#4)


It's strongly advise staying where you are and working on applications from there. If you leave you don't know how long it will take to get another job in your chosen field and the longer you are out, the harder it is to get back in. Your CV will lose it's consistency and you will be discussing negative aspects from your old job in the interview when you should be trying to play to the positives. At the moment it sounds like you have a good record and a flowing CV which if I were you I would try to keep. Take some holiday and use that to apply for roles - Xmas is coming up so you will have some time then.

If you don't hate them, you could also use recruitment agencies to manage the process.

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#6 RE: Move out?
18/12/2006 21:26

Ellen C to Jose (#5)

Thanks very much for the help so far. I really appreciate the input. It sounds like it's going to be a risk moving out, so i think I'm going to stay where I am and continue to apply over christmas. Hopefully i'll get something in the new year. Can anyone reccomend a good IT recruitment consultant?

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#7 RE: Move out?
03/01/2007 14:01

Anon to Jose (#5)

Listen to Jose - his advice is solid.

If you're really struggling to find time to apply for a new job whilst working your current one, then take some holiday time off or work over a weekend.

If your employer is really working you so darn hard that you have literally no time or energy left by the time you get home, then it sounds like they're taking advantage of you. I'm not suggesting any particular course of action here, but if they really are a "take take take" type of employer, then maybe it's time you were a little more selfish and put your own interests first once in a while. Stamp your foot down and take the time off dammit!

However, it sounds to me like you're either not as assertive as you should be, or you're spending too much time "preparing and researching" and filling out application forms. Just get on with it and stop being a perfectionist.

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