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ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses

#1 ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
12/12/2006 12:55


I am in discussion with ACN to join one of their global practices at Manager level. I have done all the senior level interviews (couldn't go any higher!) but haven't started the HR/admin process yet so I do not know much about pay+benefits (they know mine!). What is ACN avg salary for Managers (how does 95K basic sound)? What is included in their financial package? How does it compare to the likes of CG, PA, IBM, etc.

In addition do ACN pay sign on bonuses? Are they open to negotiation on this front (If I join before April I will be losing my bonus) or is "take it or leave it" ?.

Any comments would be appreciated...

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#2 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
12/12/2006 16:11

anon to Kaka (#1)

To the best of my knowledge Senior manager pay is 86-112-ish. don't know about signing on bonuses.

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#3 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
12/12/2006 16:23

Con to Kaka (#1)

KaKa, I think you'll be disappointed on the salary front if your expectations are for 95K at Manager. Manager salary range is 64-77. As for bonuses, there is room to negotiate, but I doubt you'll get them over 5-10K.

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#4 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
12/12/2006 17:02

Kaka to Con (#3)

anon/Con, thanks for your input.

I am a bit puzzled by what you guys say and what I've read in this forum in other posts.

How does a Manager at ACN compare with - for example - an MC at PA or Capgemini?

Correct me if I am wrong, but we can safely say that:

at PA, an MC earns 80-120K (a PC 55-80!!)

at CG, an MC (let's say a C4) earns 75K to 95K - CG has also a C5 figure (Senior Managers) and they earn up to 150k.

So, either you cannot compare grades (a manager at ACN cannot be compared to a Manager at either PA or CG, it is more like a senior consultant) or these guys are a bit off the scale.

I am a bit confused... they know how much I earn and 95K basic would be my minimum, so I wonder how would I fit within the Managers community?

can anyone shed some light?

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#5 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
13/12/2006 10:09

Bob to Kaka (#4)

Manager level at ACN means someone with between 5-8 years conslting experience, and I think the salary range in this space is £60-£90k, plus car allowance, plus variable pay (i.e. annual bonus).

Bear in mind that ACN traditionally brings experienced hires in at the level below. This is to get them up-to-speed and indoctrinated etc. etc., and to make sure they don't get people slipping through the interviews into senior positions which it then turns out they aren't able to handle.

I imagine they would be bringing you in as an M3 (3rd year Manager), where you would be looking to be promoted in the next 12 months if you perform. The Senior Manager salary range (as far as I know) is something like 90-130k.

When you do get your offer, it would be interesting to find out what it is, especially for Managers currently in the company.

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#6 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
13/12/2006 15:47

ACn'er to Kaka (#4)

I am currently an M1 Manager at Accenture (salary 64k + car allowance + bonus. However salary readjustments due next year). Its my understanding that a Manager at ACN is similar to a Senior Consultant in most other organisations. I know this is the case at BT Consulting as I have been in talks with HR there! An MC is more likely equivalent to a Senior Manager here...

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#7 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
13/12/2006 17:23

Kaka to ACn'er (#6)

Thanks guys!

HR made contact yesterday through the headhunter. Now the admin part... starts. After the senior level interviews (i've been interviewed by the Uk head and the Global head of the practice) I am still required to go through HR (mandatory) plus eventually (not sure yet) an interview with an SM from Products (I should be in a global industry practice, so don't know why?). We'll see ...

I am also going through a pay review in my current position, and the bonus this year should be quite good... (record profits!). I am curious to see if I can leverage this during the negotiations.

In any case, I will keep you posted.

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#8 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
16/12/2006 11:09

Kak to Kaka (#7)

Further news...

HR communicated to me that role they would consider me for is the one of Senior Manager (I guess my current salary/ experience level puts me in that bracket). No news as yet on the financial package as I am still required to go through an interview with one of ACN Managing Directors and HR.

Apparently the Senior Manager interview is based on a business case test... is that true?

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#9 RE: ACN Salary and Sign on bonuses
25/12/2006 17:47

gg to Bob (#5)

I'm also in a similar situation - I've been informed I'll be getting an offer in the new year as an experienced hire (in Com&HT sales/mktg strat), but am not sure which level it'll be on as we haven't discussed the details yet (which is quite strange as they told me they're going ahead with the offer and they'll line up a meeting for me to speak with one of the peers to find out more about the role).

I heard alot talks about M1-6, I assume these are the diff manager levels. Can anyone here enlighten me on what will be expected of each of these level (in terms of skill levels) and the salary expectation?

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