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kpmg advisory

#1 kpmg advisory
11/12/2006 11:04


I cannot believe how little KPMG pay advisory associates, I've just been made an offer but am unsure about whether the experience I will get will make it a worthwhile tradeoff.

I'v been made offers from the other big four, mainly for audit and they pay pretty much the same but at least with that they make an investment in your qualification, pay for alot of time off and incur the risk that you may not even pass.

Perhaps it's just me b but it does seem to me that kpmg's paying the same as audit just abit unfair.

What are your views on this?

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#2 RE: kpmg advisory
11/12/2006 11:14

Crabbit to asemat (#1)

Well, do you want to be a consultant or do you want to be a number cruncher? There is a more structured career path in place if you go down the audit route, but is considerably less exciting and challenging than a consulting career. But it sounds like you put a lot of value on 'low risk', so maybe you would be more comfortable in audit.

You shouldn't take any job based on money alone. Yeah, you have to pay the bills, but really at this stage there are better questions to be asking:

How would each role benefit you? What opportunities do they set up? How hard are you prepared to work? Will it be intellectually stimulating? Did you enjoy meeting the representatives from the firm?

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#3 RE: kpmg advisory
11/12/2006 11:19

asemat to asemat (#1)

I might add however that kpmg has impressed me more than other big four firms and I generally feel a better fit with this firm. Also the work promises to be more interesting.

So i guess the question is pay and security or slighly more jb satisfaction?

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#4 RE: kpmg advisory
11/12/2006 12:14

Oldtimer to asemat (#3)

I went to an assessment centre for KPMG last year, and was singularly unimpressed by the offer I got back from them. They tried the “job satisfaction” and “career opportunities” line on me, but I’d also like to see them make some sort of investment in higher salary and training, and so we went out separate ways.

At this early stage in your career, my friend, I would be slow to short change myself by accepting too low a salary. If you’re good enough for KPMG, then you are likely to be good enough for E&Y, PwC, PA, or whoever else: all of whom are equally excellent employers, and who pay much more than KPMG

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#5 RE: kpmg advisory
12/12/2006 08:49

toopee to Oldtimer (#4)

Yup - stay away from KPMG: shoddy offices, poor pay, and struggling against the challenge from EY and PWC

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#6 RE: kpmg advisory
12/12/2006 13:59

asemat to toopee (#5)

It's a damn shame. I would've worked my a*se off for them if I knew they were going to reward me for it. They may have got the number one spot for best place to work but the pay in advisory smacks of a firm that doesn't quite know what they're doing in terms of the people they want to attract.

Oh well.

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