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EY or Deloitte?

#1 EY or Deloitte?
05/12/2006 20:34


Whose a better firm to work for?

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#2 RE: EY or Deloitte?
05/12/2006 21:34

Deloitte to x (#1)

Every Single Day of the Week - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

EY ====== BAS ===== ? ? ? (I'll let you decide)

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#3 RE: EY or Deloitte?
05/12/2006 22:11

adams boss to Deloitte (#2)

Be ashamed for even asking that question. Deloitte wins on all fronts. Are you kidding? this forum is not a joke - take peoples time seriously.

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#4 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 09:55

EYer to x (#1)

Okay, I'll play devil's advocate. I haven't worked at Deloitte, so I can't comment on what it's like to work there, but I'm very happy at BAS.

The choice comes down to whether you want to join a large, established business or whether you want to join a business that's still growing. BAS is a far less risky proposition now than it was a year ago. It now has a good client base, plenty of client work, and several hundred consultants.

I like my colleagues, I like my work environment, I like my prospects for advancement, and the EY brand name will look just as good on my CV in a few years. I'm not sure why Deloitte is the clear no-brainer here...

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#5 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 10:49

Igor to EYer (#4)

OK, since you insist, I will spell it out for you.

1) Deloitte has an established client base, including 98 of the FTSE 100, and over 400 of the Fortune 500. EY doesn't have the same calibre of clients ( yes this does exist ). And, for the clients it does serve, it focuses mainly on operational and process work - not exactly cutting edge cconsulting.

2) Probably the MOST important reason why EY BAS will never reach the level of Deloitte: It has failed to distinguish itself from its audit brand. Deloitte Consulting, as you know, is an independent comapny, with seperate buildings, leadership and business model. BAS's model, unfortunately, is still highly dependent on their audit practice - and this shows its symptoms in many areas - take recruiting for example.

3) Leadership at EY is confused. There has not been any consistent marketing, sales process or execution of work to create a brand. It seems like BAS has just desperately try to sell what it can - and where it can.

4) Deloitte is very strong Internationally: it ranks just behind MBBB in the USA, strongly in Australasia and is a leader by strength in Europe. BAS does not have the same global reach.

5) Lastly, well I dont have that much time to continue, Deloitte has an established, credible, strategy capability. Its S&O practice just split, and its Strategy practice is almost as big as the entirety of BAS. I know you might think that BAS does not compete with strategy work direct, but its a strong plus to have, even when you work in operations.

EY, I'll give you this, has a cracking office on the river. But for everything else I would chose Deloitte. Hands down, every day of the week.

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#6 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 10:56

kiimbo to Igor (#5)

I notice EYer must be an analyst or a junior employee.

When you chose a company to work for it does not JUST "The choice comes down to whether you want to join a large, established business or whether you want to join a business that's still growing."

You need to consider what *kind* of work you want to be doing - this as much as anything else, will shape your future, not the brand. If you spend 8 years at McKinsey doing technology turnaround, you might find it hard to leave and join Roland Berger as a manager in Strategy - you just dont have the experience.

Thus, staying at EY BAS, you will gain operational (or process) work, change, design experience - probably mostly in TMT or the public sector. Thats what one of the choices should be.

Deloitte, like many other strong players, has a multitude of global expertise ( and I mean this seriously - not as a cliche' sentence).

If I can give you advice - if you are junior, cut through the smoke thats been blown around the office - and see if its really where you belong. You are still in plenty of time to jump ship - no one will hold the failure of BAS against an analyst.

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#7 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 11:14

Financial Services consultant to x (#1)

You also need to consider the sector you want to work in.

EY FS have a large insurance business (mainly led by ex-IBM partners), while Deloittes are stonger in other parts of the financial services sector.

From what I hear, BAS aren't going as strong as they had originally hoped. Utilisation rates are low, and they've even offered additional holidays this year in lieu of pay rises. Their culture is also an odd mix of ex-audit staff, combined with a leadership team drawn from IBM and Accenture, neither of whom are organisations that most professional consultants would choose to work for ...

On balance, I'd agree that Deloitte is a better offer.

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#8 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 11:21

EYer to kiimbo (#6)

This isn’t really a meaningful debate. The original poster simply asked EY or Deloitte – who is a better firm to work for? It’s an open-ended question with very little information to help guide those answering it. Which is why a one line answer like “Deloitte is a no-brainer” is meaningless.

My point is this – I don’t think that it’s a simple no-brainer of Deloitte = good, EY = bad. I think they are two very different organisations, at different stages of maturity, with different market offerings. Which one is better is not a black and white decision.

I’m not sure upon which basis Igor draws the conclusion that BAS is reliant on its audit practice – aside from sharing offices, separation of services prevents us from doing consulting business with our audit clients. The BAS recruitment process is completely separate from the audit recruitment process.

As the post the other day pointed out, there are a hundred good places to gain experience in consulting. As kiimbo points out, there are many variables that factor into the decision about which employer is the right for any given individual.

On this board, it seems that McKinsey is the answer to all prayers, but that argument simply doesn’t hold water. There are thousands of consultants who have built very successful careers with other consultancies having never worked a day in a strat house. I think that the same is true here – both EY and Deloitte are good places to work, and you’re likely to get good client exposure at either of them. Cultural fit, the team you join, the clients you work with, and a little bit of luck will all shape your career.

You should weigh both positions on their relative merits and make a decision based on the facts rather than the empty posts on an internet forum.

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#9 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 12:02

x to EYer (#8)

Thanks for all the feedback from you guys. To make things clearer I am comparing TAA with TSRS, if that makes things a little more informative.


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#10 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 12:12

EYer to x (#9)

In which case all this talk about BAS is meaningless!

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#11 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 12:23

john Mcbride to x (#9)

Again, another poor answer with no tangible measure.

If this forum could have the option of posting polls ( hint hint ! ) then I believe it would be apparent just how one way the argument goes.

I see, at this stage, absolutely no benefit from joining BAS - except possibly, for marginally higher salaries and strong public work prospect.

In my eyes it is very much a failed experiment. All the big 3, KPMG, PWC and now EY have had a stab at relaunching their practices.

Once again, it hasnt worked. Humbug.

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#12 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 12:24

x to EYer (#8)

Thanks for all the feedback from you guys. To make things clearer I am comparing TAA with TSRS, if that makes things a little more informative.


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#13 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 14:03

david to EYer (#8)

Dear EYer,

To summarise your post - "It's a case of horses for courses...."

How profound.

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#14 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 14:07

dtt to david (#13)

I'm not sure where the majority of you are from.

Im at Deloitte Sydney and its completely F**ked...Not a day goes by where i wonder why i didnt go with KPMG or EY.

It might be better in the states though.

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#15 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 14:43

profblaumann to dtt (#14)


As the most of you seem to work for DC, one word of advice (no, i don't work for EY) to x.

Both are very well known brands, so far so good.

Choose the company where you feel the most comfortable with. The interviews are as much of a beauty contest for them as it is for you. That means that these are most likely the type of people you will spend 14h a day with.

(Having done 2 rounds at DC I was sure that they weren't sth for me...)

If you don't get along well with your peers, you prob won't have high chances to exeed. And career progression is much more important on your CV than which brand.

Think more in terms of the place you want to be in next (exit strategy). Do the experiences you are likely get out of it get you nearer that goal?

While all of the points Igor brought up might be true, consider what impact these might have on you in your first 2-3 years. Imho, not a lot. It is about enjoying your day-to-day work and developing yourself, not so the slightly better image a FTSE client might have!!

Lastly, I think you will also encounter many many Ex-IBMs and Ex-ACN at DC.....

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#16 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 16:12

y to profblaumann (#15)

It is disappointing that the integrity of this site is being eroded by so much misinformation. Clearly there are a lot of bitter / deluded people out there who are opposed to change and have nothing better to do than slag off the opposition. Interesting to note that E&Y's client base is 93% of the FTSE 100 - so clearly some overlap…

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#17 RE: EY or Deloitte?
06/12/2006 16:45

Boxershorts to deleted (#0)

x, I'm afraid your question was bound to open a can of worms here.

There have been strong opinions raised and even some petty and sarcastic remarks made. David, your 'how profound' sneer at EYer's ideas was out of line, especially since EYer is absolutely right. It is dependent on what you want out of working there. The question was not 'which is the better company?'; it was 'which is best to work for?'

But back to x: In fact, this was a pretty unfair question, since there are not bound to be many who have actually worked for both Deloitte and EY. Yet we find a lot of authoritative statements and posturing about which is best to work for.

So, in the interest of x getting an accurate answer, anyone who has not worked for both EY and Deloitte, and as such is in no position to answer this question - shut the hell up and exit stage left!

If anyone has indeed worked for both firms, please give x the benefit of your insights.

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